FlyQ EFB 1.4.3 Released!

This took longer than we had expected but Apple released FlyQ EFB 1.4.3 a few minutes ago.  1.4.3 contains several key bug fixes, many of which had to do with iOS 8.1 that was released a few days after FlyQ EFB 1.4 was released.

FlyQ EFB 1.4.3 is a free upgrade so to get it:

If you’re reading this on your iPad, just click below to download the new version:

Otherwise, open the App Store icon on your iPad. In the App Store, search for “FlyQ EFB”, click the Search button, and choose “FlyQ EFB” rather than “AOPA FlyQ EFB.”

Bug fixes:

Fixed: In-App Purchases did not work
Fixed: Various keyboard problems on iOS 8.x
Fixed: Invisible winds aloft text on iOS 8.1 and lack of wind direction in all cases
Fixed: Old A/FD documents displayed
Fixed: Inability to save aircraft and pilot profiles in some cases on iOS 8.x
Fixed: Various email/print problems on iOS 8.1
Fixed: Search bar function did not find airports by name or city
Fixed: Cannot plan flights when connected to an ADS-B receiver
Fixed: Delete button hidden when trying to remove an existing waypoint via the map
Fixed: Aircraft marker too large as you zoom-in approach plates and airport diagrams
Fixed: Disabling 2D map rotation turned off after using two-finger distance/bearing feature
Fixed: Multiple Windmill icon missing (white squares) on Hazards layer
Fixed: Message to delete the old AOPA version would not go away in some cases
Fixed: Negative temperatures parsed incorrectly on METAR/TAF
Fixed: Printing procedures/airport diagrams full-page did not work
Fixed: Traffic targets not displayed with direction/speed for some 978-only ADS-B receivers

6 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 1.4.3 Released!

  1. I tried this product when 1st sold by AOPA. Was so full of bugs I deleted it. When I tried to DL your version with all the fixes etc, it says trial version over so I guess I still won’t get to see this app in action.

    Claude Allen
    Green Cove Springs Fl.


  2. Hi Claude,

    Thanks for writing. Yup, A LOT has changed in the 2 years since the app first came out. During that time, it has risen to be the #1 rated aviation app — higher-rated than ForeFlight, WingX, whatever. It’s been on top for all of 2014, in fact.

    I found your initial trial (almost exactly 2 years ago to the date) and deleted it so you should be good to try it again. Let me know if you have any questions or problems. My direct email is if you prefer to use that.

    If anyone else is having a problem or wants to try the app again, just email me directly or email our support team – – and we’ll fix you up.

    You might find the following videos and documents useful. Please let us know if you’d like information about something that isn’t covered here as we’re always looking to improve our user training materials.

    General Info

    FlyQ in 3:00 (quick overview)

    Intro to FlyQ EFB (longer overview)

    What’s New in Version 1.4 video

    Getting Started Guide (revised for version 1.4)

    ADS-B Primer (revised for version 1.4)

    Other training videos (see the “What Makes FlyQ EFB Different”, especially)



      • Hi Curtis,

        Unfortunately the iLevil’s WiFi chip has some issues maintaining a reliable connection to the iPad using iOS 8. They are working on it and we’ve worked out a way that gets around the issue virtually all the time. This will be in our next release and it’s in beta testing now. If you’d like to try the beta test version, email me back at and I can get you on the list.



  3. Steve and all the folks at Seattle Avionics, I thank you for putting up this blog. I believe it goes a long way towards allowing your client community and others a excellent exchange opportunity with Seattle Avionics.
    I have sent several questions and suggestions / requests to Seattle over time, most without a response. Although I did get a response from Steve during the initial release of FlyQ while he was at Oshkosh.
    I am a very long time customer of Seattle Avionics long before before there was an IPad i believe. I would like to suggest this as an area for improvement.
    Here are a few of the questions I recently I emailed followed by screen shots of FlyQ app in flight for confirmation.
    What do the Red / Orange arrows are on some of the airports in addition to the green surface winds depict?
    Is there a health / information available for the remote ADS – GPS i.e. I have the Clarity SV
    Any expectations that the crashing will be reduced? This is one of the most disappointing issues with this software.
    Any opportunity for winds aloft at given select-able altitude like that of the Voyager product had, a most useful function.
    Any opportunity for ceilings and tops display! Very useful feature of one or more of the Brand X Apps.
    Any way to share a flight plan with another FlyQ user directly (such as Brand X), other than a PDF or email?
    Last but not least my #1 request is, Can we expect any auto flight logging anytime soon?

    I look forward to replies.


    • Sorry for missing this question for so long, Lacee. The color of the arrow depicts the wind speed. Green > 20 kts, red > 50 kits, orange in between.

      I think you’ll like version 2.0 very much as detailed ADS-B status info is front and center and, since your post, stability of version 1.5 has been excellent.

      Thanks, Steve


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