FlyQ EFB 1.4.3 Submitted to Apple with many bug fixes

We released FlyQ EFB 1.4.3 to Apple last Tuesday (Nov 4) for their review.  As you may know, Apple reviews all apps before they release them into the App Store.  This process often takes about a week unless you ask for an “Expedited” review which they only grant for critical bug fixes or upcoming marketing programs.  We asked for and were granted the expedite based on several critical fixes made to the app.  It normally takes 1-2 days before they review and release in that case.  It’s Monday morning and we’re still waiting although we’ve called and emailed them multiple times.  We’re doing all that we can to prod them to release it but it’s out of our control and extremely frustrating.  We greatly apologize for the delay in getting these fixes to you.

Bug fixes:

Fixed: In-App Purchases did not work
Fixed: Various keyboard problems on iOS 8.x
Fixed: Invisible winds aloft text on iOS 8.1 and lack of wind direction in all cases
Fixed: Old A/FD documents displayed
Fixed: Inability to save aircraft and pilot profiles in some cases on iOS 8.x
Fixed: Various email/print problems on iOS 8.1
Fixed: Search bar function did not find airports by name or city
Fixed: Cannot plan flights when connected to an ADS-B receiver
Fixed: Delete button hidden when trying to remove an existing waypoint via the map
Fixed: Aircraft marker too large as you zoom-in approach plates and airport diagrams
Fixed: Disabling 2D map rotation turned off after using two-finger distance/bearing feature
Fixed: Multiple Windmill icon missing (white squares) on Hazards layer
Fixed: Message to delete the old AOPA version would not go away in some cases
Fixed: Negative temperatures parsed incorrectly on METAR/TAF
Fixed: Printing procedures/airport diagrams full-page did not work
Fixed: Traffic targets not displayed with direction/speed for some 978-only ADS-B receivers

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