Sign Up For Black Friday

We have something of a reputation for amazing sales on Black Friday.  But this year .. well … we hit it out of the park!  If you have an iPad, are getting an iPad for the holidays, or even know how to spell “iPad,” you’ll want to be sure you get in on this year’s sale.  In future years, you’ll want to tell your grandchildren that you were there when it happened. Really.

As usual, the quantities will be limited so sign-up to be notified the moment the offer is published.

7 thoughts on “Sign Up For Black Friday

  1. Thanks, Russ. We’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. You may have noticed that we finally redesigned our Web site, our Data Manager app (for Aspen, Dynon, GRT, etc. ChartData subscriptions) and will soon be introducing a revamped version of FlyQ Pocket. And then something completely new. We’re super busy here!


  2. Steve,
    Been a customer for a long time that started with Voyager on the PC. Your roadmap is great and the portability between devices is a great product differentiator. Already signed up for Beta testing for your ATLAS product. I assume that you will eventually be retiring the PC based Voyager product and going to Web based clients. Will lifetime members of Voyager be eligible for transferring their membership and/or upgrade to ATLAS? Keep the innovation and new products coming.


    • Thanks for the kind words, Tom. We think this combination is pretty solid, too. It’s been a long-time in the works. And yes, this will eventually replace Voyager on the PC but, for at least a little while, Voyager will still have more features than ATLAS — it will take us a little while to catch-up with 12 years of Windows development! While we actually haven’t decided on the pricing model yet, you can be assured that Voyager and FlyQ EFB customers will have full access to ATLAS as part of their existing subscription.

      Thanks, Steve


    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for being a customer and saying such nice things about our products. We certainly try our best to make the sort of products we like to fly with. Voyager is not being retired but it’s probably fair to say that you’ll see a lot more innovation for ATLAS in the future as it works for both PC and Mac users and is designed from the ground up to work with FlyQ. We haven’t settled anything about ATLAS yet but I think it’s reasonable that existing customers will not pay anything else to use ATLAS.

      Thanks, Steve


    • Sorry for the long delay — missed the post.

      No, the Lifetime subs we offered (for a few days in 2014 — not available now!) were such an incredible deal that we did not do any pro-rata rebates.

      Thanks, Steve


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