Announcing new ATLAS — the Web-based planner and aviation info system that dreams are made of

We’ve been very, very busy at Seattle Avionics lately!  In addition to new releases for FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Pocket, we’re bringing what we think is the most comprehensive system ever made for flight planning and information to the Web.

It’s code-named ATLAS and it’s Web-based so works equally well on PC or Mac but feels like a full-blown desktop app in terms of its power, speed, and the way it works.  Airport info, weather, fuel prices, and flight planning all coherently organized by one Web app.

Watch the video and see what you think.  It’s not quite ready for prime-time but we’re accepting beta test applications now.

13 thoughts on “Announcing new ATLAS — the Web-based planner and aviation info system that dreams are made of

  1. Really excited about the addition of Atlas. I have been a long time user of Voyager, and recently purchased my second lifetime subscription, this time to FlyQ. I have never had the ability to transfer directly from Voyager into my iPad. The connectivity between my iPhone, iPad and computer should be a wonderful addition. I am so motivated that I even signed up to be a beta tester, hint, hint.

    Anyway, thanks for making an outstanding product even better.


    • Hi Peter,

      We already do! Our Voyager application is a Windows application that runs great on Windows tablets and has a moving map, plates, and even a great 3D view. In fact, we sold something called the “SkyPad” for years (and before Apple made the “iPad”) that was a Windows tablet optimized for flight use plus Voyager. Over time, most pilots have migrated to the iPad so we’ve concentrated our efforts where the pilots are — the iPad. Conceptually Voyager and FlyQ EFB are similar but as a much later product, FlyQ EFB is based on everything we learned from Voyager, both good and bad, so it far better for in-flight use than Voyager. Voyager is still the best pre-flight planning tool around — better than the current version of FlyQ EFB. Voyager is still for sale today and runs on Windows 8.

      Thanks, Steve


      • Hi Steve, are you planning on providing any updates or enhancements to Voyager. While I love the iPad, I purchased the lifetime subscription to voyager a while ago and would like to see it enhanced! (Or I would like to apply the lifetime subscription also to an iPad app!)


  2. Well Steve, I guess if I don’t bug you at least once a month life is not worth living 🙂 So my favorite question, how goes the Atlas program? I saw somewhere you thought you would release it in March? As we are more than halfway through the month, I’m thinking not so likely. hope all’s well, we’ll check in next month.



  3. Steve,
    I have been a follower of FlyQ, and although a year ago I dropped the Aspen Charts Rx for Avidyne 540 – Jepp Charts, I would love Seattle to tale over or compete for the Avidyne 540 Chart Contract.

    Anyway, just took advantage of the 2016 Black Friday Life Time Chart Dat to revive my Aspen MFD Charts and FlyQ and hope for an Avidyne Seattle Solution!

    BTW, any pros or cons on Voyager vs FlyQ-Online (Atlas)? Now with lifetime Chart Data, I am downloading Voyager to compare…

    Keep up the great work.

    Tom Wolf


    • Hi Tom. Thanks for that. We are talking to Avidyne. They’re good people with a great set of products. I hope to see something there in 2017 but can’t promise anything. Voyager vs. FlyQ Online: Complex topic. At the moment, Voyager still has a few features that FlyQ Online doesn’t by FlyQ Online has a few unique things, too, and starts up much faster than Voyager. The “missing”features compared to Voyager will mostly or completely go away during 2017 as FlyQ Online is clearly the direction we’re moving in.


  4. This may not be the correct blog for FlyQ Online… but once a flight plan is written, it seems very tough to edit the waypoints other than “rubber banding”.

    Like, changing from Direct GPS to Victor Airways for an old FP…

    Tom Wolf


    • Hi Tom. Ideally, email as we don’t do tech support on the blog. That said, changing from GPS Direct to Victors isn’t an edit — it’s a whole new flight plan. Use the Plans/New tab to do it again w/ Victors (or add “v” to the end of the routing string if you used the Search box to make it – like “SEA SFO V”)


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