FlyQ Pocket 2.0 Released to Apple

It’s away!

We just released new version 2.0 of FlyQ Pocket to Apple for their review.  This will probably take at least a week for Apple to review and release it.

You’ll soon learn get an email with much more info on new FlyQ Pocket but it’s an exciting release that adds two great new features – detailed airport diagrams and fuel prices.  And it brings the user-interface more into line with its big brother — FlyQ EFB.  While it’s optimized for iOS 7 and iOS 8, it still runs on iOS 6, too.

As I said,  you’ll see screenshots and details later today but I wanted pilots to know that it was coming!

6 thoughts on “FlyQ Pocket 2.0 Released to Apple

    • Hi Ruben,

      Thanks for the kind words! I think it will be incredible to use along with FlyQ EFB, too. Until February, FlyQ Pocket will require an AOPA membership. After that, it will have no relationship to AOPA and no AOPA membership will be required.

      Thanks, Steve


    • Hi Al,

      FlyQ Pocket is designed to be a quick and easy (and free) way to get airport info, weather, and do simple flight planning. As a free product, we can’t put everything into it that’s in FlyQ EFB. But we do make SmartPlates & Charts which is a very low-cost iPhone and iPad app with moving maps and approach plates. Even better, it’s free to FlyQ EFB customers.

      Thanks, Steve


    • Hi John,

      FlyQ EFB may be available at some point for the iPhone but as a backup, we already have a solution: SmartPlates & Charts. It’s just what the name implies — plates and charts (maps) — with little else. It’s very simple and a great backup for EFB — and it’s free to FlyQ EFB customers.

      Thanks, Steve


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