Black Friday Continues…

First of all, I sincerely hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends – I know I did.  Then today I spent four hours in the freezing rain watching my son play in a soccer tournament.  A wise entrepreneur was selling hot chocolate and did very, very well.  Timing is everything.

As you’ve hopefully heard, our Black Friday special is pretty darned special — it’s a Lifetime subscription to FlyQ EFB for just $299 (VFR) or $399 (VFR + IFR).  We had planned to allow just 500 of these to be sold but they sold out in a just a few hours.  When we looked at all the emails and voicemails we still had, it was clear we had to extend it.  So now, you can get a lifetime to FlyQ EFB until Sunday night.  You can purchase from:

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Continues…

  1. Hi Steve, I would have paid $299 for IFR, but I have another year on my current subscription so no way will I pay $399. Give me $299 for the IFR and I’m there. Thanks, Bob Finley Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G  Motorola DROID HD

    Flying with Seatt


    • Sorry for the delay — missed this post. We have a promotion now where you get a free year subscription when you purchase a year of FlyQ EFB when you submit proof of a current sub with a competitive app.



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