Service Alert: FlyQ EFB 1.4.x on an iPad 2 or original iPad mini

Shortly after new ChartData was released yesterday, we became aware of a problem with it when used on FlyQ EFB 1.4 (or later) running on an iPad 2 or original iPad mini.  The problem was corrected two hours later (7 PM Pacific) and does not affect anyone who downloaded after that time.  No other apps or devices are affected and it only applies to these iPads.  We apologize for the problem.

If you are having trouble downloading approach plates and airport diagrams and using these specific iPads, please uninstall and re-install FlyQ EFB as follows:

– Press the Home button on the device (the one physical button on the front) to get to the home screen.

– On the Home screen, find the FlyQ EFB app icon

– Press and hold the FlyQ EFB app icon until it wiggles

– Press the “X” now appearing on the icon to remove the app

– Confirm you wish to delete by tapping the “Delete” button

– Press the Home button to stop the wiggling

– Return to the App Store and download/install the app again (download “FlyQ EFB” not “AOPA FlyQ EFB”)



Seattle Avionics, the maker of FlyQ EFB for the iPad, Voyager for Windows, and provider of ChartData to more than 20 apps and devices, now finally has a blog!

We’ll be writing more very soon with information of new versions, monthly data updates, service issues, and sales (especially our famous Black Friday specials).

Steve Podradchik

CEO, Seattle Avionics