FlyQ EFB – Aviation’s Only 5 out of 5 Star App

Most of you have real lives that involve things beyond iPad aviation apps.  However, that’s a crucial part of my job so I keep track of ratings and reviews of all the major apps.

Not only does FlyQ EFB have the highest-rating of all the major aviation apps (we’ve had that all 2014), we now have an unheard of 5 out of 5 star rating from the Apple App Store.  And that’s with 79 reviews – a huge number for an aviation app!

Read the comments for yourself and compare to the reviews from any other app.  It’s pretty amazing how far ahead FlyQ EFB is.

2 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB – Aviation’s Only 5 out of 5 Star App

    • We’re continually evaluating the massive expense required to port to Android (iOS code is not portable to Android). The business case simply isn’t there yet because while there are lots of general consumers with Android tablets, the % of PILOTS with Android tablets is very low compared to iOS. Same is even true with phones (keep in mind we make an iOS and an Android version of FlyQ Pocket so I know the actual split).

      Thanks, Steve


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