FlyQ Pocket 2.0 Now Available!

FlyQ Pocket is quite possibly the most popular aviation app in the world with nearly 100,000 users for iOS and Android.

It got there by being simple, fast, and efficient:  Weather, airport information, and basic flight planning are all just seconds away.  Learn more about it!

Download for iPhone and iPad now.

New version 2.0 has a more modern user-interface that’s consistent with its big brother, FlyQ EFB.  It’s optimized for iOS 8 and iOS 7 but also works with iOS 6.  And it’s still a free benefit to AOPA members.  In addition, FlyQ Pocket gets two major new features plus lots of minor ones (and bug fixes, of course.)

Fuel Prices.  How about having fuel prices from more than 2,500 airports in your pocket?  Want to find the lowest fuel price near you?  Now it’s simple.  See a price that just got updated and want to make sure that other pilots know about the change?  Make a tap and the price is updated.

All FAA airport diagrams. Select any airport and if the FAA has a detailed airport diagram for it, FlyQ Pocket displays it in place of the simple runway diagram in the previous version. Of course, if there is no full airport diagram available, you still see the runway diagram.

FlyQ Pocket 2.0 is available for download for iOS devices now and will be available for Android a little later.

See more information about FlyQ Pocket and FlyQ EFB from Seattle Avionics.

FlyQ Pocket will continue to be a free product to AOPA members even after the switch from AOPA to Seattle Avionics in February.

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