RadioShack: R.I.P.

Today is a sad day for me (and this has nothing to do with what was surely the dumbest call in the history of football on Sunday) — RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy.

I’m 47 and grew up, like most of the US population, with a RadioShack store within a few miles of my house.  It was there that I first learned about computers with their incredible TRS-80.  Over the years, I went there less and less but still found them useful when I needed some sort of wacky cable to hook up audio or computer equipment.  I even bought radio-controlled toys there, as recently as this past November.  I could never understand their recent focus on cell phones and I personally never saw anyone buy one there.

Still, today marks the end of an era for me and I’m a bit sad.  Like when R.E.M. broke up.

Apparently some of the stores will live-on as Sprint stores but it surely won’t be the same.  The point, though, is that RadioShack hasn’t been the same for years so they were more like retail zombies than real stores for years.  Disco is dead and now so is RadioShack.

In case you want to reminisce (or learn about) about the TRS-80:


One thought on “RadioShack: R.I.P.

  1. Good to see your thoughts on Twitter Steve! I will miss the convenience of a neighborhood electronics store. Now it’s just Fry’s and Best Buy. Essentially the do-it-yourself equivalent of Home Depot for a hardware store.


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