FlyQ Pocket 2.1 Released!

New version 2.1 of FlyQ Pocket for the iPhone and iPad has just been released.

Version 2.0 was a major release that introduced fuel prices from more than 2,500 US airports and full FAA airport diagrams from more than 700 airports.  That was added to the existing features such as very rapid access to airport information, weather, and flight planning. The product is free to AOPA member and, soon, to all pilots.  More info.

Version 2.1 includes several bug fixes:

  • Corrected a problem finding Nearby Airports on rare occasions.
  • Restored the ability to re-arrange points in a flight plan with drag-and-drop.
  • App will only use Location Services when actually in use not all the time (saves battery life).
  • Fixes a few icon size and line color inconsistencies.

The new version can be downloaded on your iPad or iPhone from the App Store by using the Updates tab of the App Store, by searching the App Store for “FlyQ Pocket” (tip: If you’re on an iPad, be sure to set the switch so show iPhone as well as iPad apps or you won’t find it!), or by clicking the link below.

FlyQ Pocket 2.1 for Android is still in the works.  The current Android version 1.1 and includes the airport information, weather, and flight planning features but does not yet include fuel prices or FAA airport diagrams.  Download from Google Play at:

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