Join us at the Northwest Aviation Show this Saturday and Sunday

The weather may not yet say “flying season” but the annual Northwest Aviation Show in Puyallup, WA means flying season is just around the corner.

For each of the past 14 years, Seattle Avionics has been a proud exhibitor at the show and we strongly encourage anyone in the area to attend. There are more than 350 vendors, talks by Mark Baker (AOPA CEO), Rod Machado, Bruce Williams, and (shameless self-promotion) me plus a career forum, and much more.  It’s definitely the best way to spend this Saturday and Sunday!

Seattle Avionics is in booth #108 and will have special show discounts and staff on hand to demo all our products including FlyQ EFB (the #1 rated iPad aviation app) and FlyQ Pocket. We’ll also publicly demo our all-new Web-based system, ATLAS, so come and have a look at the next generation of online aviation systems.

And be sure to join me (Steve Podradchik, CEO) on Sunday afternoon as I give a detailed comparison of all the ADS-B receivers you can you can use with an iPad or Android tablet.  There are major differences between systems so learn before you buy.  Sunday, 1 PM, Room E North.

6 thoughts on “Join us at the Northwest Aviation Show this Saturday and Sunday

  1. Steve’s Sunday afternoon presentation on ADS-B receivers was by far the most valuable and helpful seminar that I attended at this year’s annual NW Aviation Conference & Trade Show, and that includes both days. I now have a clear idea about what type and brand of ADS-B equipment to purchase for my RV-7. This one single hour made a huge difference for me, both in technical understanding and in potential money saved. Thank you very much Steve Podradchik!


    • Wow! Thanks Steve. That’s really kind of you. I admit that I do enjoy presentations so I’m happy you found it helpful.

      As I mentioned during the presentation, I have uploaded it to our Web server so folks can download it. It’s just the PowerPoint w/o the audio commentary so it’s not the same but will hopefully be helpful. I’ll probably do it again soon and record the audio for a later post. In the meantime, it’s:



  2. This was a very educational talk by Steve Podradchik, and in one hour clarified all the research I have been doing on the web. This was the jewel of the show, and has greatly simplified my decision making.

    Thank you!


    • Thanks very much, William. I really enjoyed giving it so I’m glad you found it useful. I’ll be giving the same one at Sun n Fun and probably at OSH later this year so if your friends missed this one, they’ll have another chance.



  3. Steve: After studying the presentation I still am confused. I have ADS-B IN/OUT. Am I or am I not seeing ALL traffic in my hockey puck, regardless of whether they have ADS-B OUT?



    • Hi Roger,

      Were you looking at just the PowerPoint or did you attend the presentation? The PowerPoint alone may not have made that clear but I think the actual presentation did. Short answer: Yes, if you have ADS-B Out and an an ADS-B receiver (doesn’t have to be the same box), you’ll see all the traffic in your hockey puck so long as you’re near an ADS-B tower. At some point soon, I’ll do this as a Webinar so everyone can see the real presentation.


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