New Voyager 4.7 Now Available! Lockheed Martin + DUATS

We just released Voyager for Windows version 4.7 with support for weather briefings and flight plan filing from either Lockheed Martin or

As we previously mentioned, the FAA has always had two briefing/filing providers but they recently switched from CSC DUATS and DTC DUAT to CSC DUATS and Lockheed Martin Flight Services.

Our FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Pocket apps automatically use Lockheed Martin when a DUAT briefing or filing is requested.  However, for technical reasons, that same transparent solution was not possible for our Voyager for Windows application.  This new version changes the way that Voyager asks for briefings and filings to match what FlyQ does as this newer system allows us to adapt to any future changes in a way that does not require a new version of Voyager.

Voyager users can get the updated version by running Voyager as it checks for new versions daily.  If the application does not mention the new version, either select Update Application from the Tools menu or download and install the new version manually (no need to uninstall the old version) from:


iOS 9 Beta – Not So Fast

Some of you may be tempted to install the public beta of Apple’s iOS 9.  Please don’t!

Our initial testing shows that FlyQ EFB works great with iOS 9 except for one important thing — Wi-Fi based ADS-B systems won’t work.  This is due to a change that Apple made and we’re working on the fix now.

Neither FlyQ EFB 1.5 nor 2.0 (just released to Apple, not yet publicly available) will work properly with iOS 9.  We expect that a version of FlyQ EFB with the required changes will be available approximately when Apple releases iOS 9.  The iOS 9 release date has not been published by Apple but rumors suggest early to mid September.


FlyQ EFB v2.0 Released to Apple

We released FlyQ EFB version 2.0 to Apple on Friday; we’re now waiting for them to approve it.

You can never be sure how long it will take but it’s typically about a week.  Cross you fingers.  I know my fingers and toes are all crossed as this release is HUGE in terms of user interface improvements, massive performance increases, and stability and other fixes.  It’s been tested by hundreds of beta testers for months and we’re really excited to have it see the light of day.

Unlike a lot of upgrades, this one is more under-the-covers than adding many new features, per se, but it sets the stage for adding many new features rapidly.


Finally! Portable ADS-B In and Out! Safety is now portable!

Three words: Safety, Safety, Safety

See all the traffic with the only portable ADS-B In + Out System:

The NavWorx PADS-B – Just $1499!

All Traffic, All The Time.  Wirelessly Sent to FlyQ EFB on Your iPad.
The whole point of ADS-B is to see and avoid traffic yet the NavWorx PADS-B is the only portable system that reliably shows all traffic.

Is Your Family’s Safety Worth About $120/year?
You can buy several other ADS-B systems for a little less than the PADS-B but none will show all the traffic all the time.  Take the Stratus 2S for example.  FlyQ EFB supports it and it’s a good ADS-B In system for about $900 versus $1500 for the PADS-B.  But unless your plane has ADS-B Out, the Stratus simply cannot guarantee that it shows all the traffic near you.  The PADS-B, by contrast, shows all the traffic because it has ADS-B Out.  Therefore, even if you turn the ADS-B Out portion of the PADS-B off in 2020 (effectively making it an ADS-B In system like the Stratus), you’ve had nearly 5 years of flying with the safety of seeing all traffic for 5 years.  Those 5 years of safety cost you a net difference of about $600 or around $120 a year.

PADS-B: ADS-B Traffic in FlyQ EFB (simulated)

Stratus 2S: ADS-B Traffic in FlyQ EFB (simulated)

Learn more or purchase

New Data Manager 5.1: New Dynon Maps format, Automatic Error Correction

A major new version of our Data Manager app (version is now available.  There are two major changes:

  1.  Added support for the exciting new map format used by the new Dynon SkyView version 13 (just released) software.  The new map format and the new SkyView software means much sharper Sectionals, IFR Low, and IFR High charts.  It also means MUCH, MUCH (did I mention much?) faster and reliable data copy from the PC to the USB flash drive for those charts.  SkyView users must check the new Use data formatted for SkyView v13 or later checkbox if using the new version of SkyView and leave it off it using an older version.
  2. All-new, self-correcting system for automatically fixing common download and data copy problems due to bad downloads and file corruption on your PC disk.  This means much more reliable data downloads and copy to SD cards and USB memory sticks.

The new Data Manager is version 5.1.5.  The version number is shown at the lower left corner of the Data Manager.  The Data Manager generally automatically updates itself when new versions become available.  Click Update Now to get the new version if you’re using an older version of the Data Manager.  If this doesn’t work (Windows security can sometimes be a bit paranoid and disallow it), you can manually download the new Data Manager version from: