New Voyager 4.7 Now Available! Lockheed Martin + DUATS

We just released Voyager for Windows version 4.7 with support for weather briefings and flight plan filing from either Lockheed Martin or

As we previously mentioned, the FAA has always had two briefing/filing providers but they recently switched from CSC DUATS and DTC DUAT to CSC DUATS and Lockheed Martin Flight Services.

Our FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Pocket apps automatically use Lockheed Martin when a DUAT briefing or filing is requested.  However, for technical reasons, that same transparent solution was not possible for our Voyager for Windows application.  This new version changes the way that Voyager asks for briefings and filings to match what FlyQ does as this newer system allows us to adapt to any future changes in a way that does not require a new version of Voyager.

Voyager users can get the updated version by running Voyager as it checks for new versions daily.  If the application does not mention the new version, either select Update Application from the Tools menu or download and install the new version manually (no need to uninstall the old version) from:


6 thoughts on “New Voyager 4.7 Now Available! Lockheed Martin + DUATS

  1. Steve, this update has broken Voyager for me (random crashes when opening or resizing charts). I have opened a support ticket, but have not gotten a response. Can you post a link to the previous version of Voyager, so at least I can have working charting even if weather updates don’t work. Thanks!


    • Hi Jim,

      Your email address was flagged by the 3rd party tech support system we use for sending many spam emails to us. I could see several of them and I doubt that you personally sent them — they definitely looked like spam. You may want to change the password on your email account. Since your email was flagged, the system protected itself (and us) by not processing any of the emails once it determined that your email address was compromised. Sorry for any confusion this caused.

      If you have a different email address to send from, please try that or call us.

      But to answer your question – sure, works great w/ the Surface.

      Thanks, Steve


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