Approved FlyQ EFB v2.1.1 with Apple iOS 9.1

Seattle Avionics has approved the use of FlyQ EFB version 2.1.1 with Apple iOS version 9.1.

Seattle Avionics does not support beta versions of Apple iOS. Beta software is not finished, has not been fully tested, and contains bugs.

How to find the version number for Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB

  1. Open FlyQ EFB app
  2. Go to the Settings screen (gear icon)
  3. The version number is at the top right. Example: v2.1.1

How to find the version number for Apple iOS

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to About
  4. The iOS version number is under ‘Version’. Example: 9.1 (13B143)

How to update Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB

  1. Open the App Store app
  2. Go to ‘Updates’ screen (bottom right)
  3. Look for FlyQ EFB app icon and tap on ‘UPDATE’

How to update Apple iOS

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to Software Update
  4. Tap on ‘Download and Install’

7 thoughts on “Approved FlyQ EFB v2.1.1 with Apple iOS 9.1

  1. Hello,
    Is there a plan to incorporate VFR corridor insets into FlyQ EFB or am I just not finding it in the app? Living in the LAX basin corridors are frequently used and I hate the fact that I have to purchase a paper TAC to ensure I have the proper information in order to fly the corridors over LAX. Love the app and recommend it to students and friends but this matter and not having a chart legend are the only two things I feel are lacking. Thanks!


      • Steve,I concur with both points made by Alan above. I fly a Light Sport Trike in short VFR hops around the LAX area. I use the airspace Boundaries and Airport data, far more than the long range planning abilities of your App. It will be great for FlyQ to also show the VFR Planning / Flyway charts. I look forward to that addition. And since we can call up a document like an airport diagram, could you also include the Sectional Key? Just to remind us when we forget the odd symbol every now and then. After all, you have almost everything else…

        I really enjoy using your app on my iPad, (and I have tried the others). FlyQ wins hands down for my open aircraft needs. It has opened up my options, as it’s impossible to open up a chart in my situation. In the past if I didn’t have info written down on my kneeboard, I couldn’t go off plan. But I can now tap my iPad and easily check out an alternative airport or route. Just thought I would tell you how a little guy uses your big App.


    • Hi Marty,
      Nope, we work with just about ADS-B system out there, including the Stratus, Clarity, iLevil, FreeFlight, etc. While XM weather is definitely better than ADS-B weather, very few GA pilots seem to want to pay $50/month vs. free ADS-B weather (not to mention traffic). So, at the moment, we have no plans to add XM as there just isn’t any demand for it.

      Sorry I didn’t have a better answer.

      Thanks, Steve


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