New Bad Elf ADS-B Featuring FlyQ EFB

We’ve worked with the great Bad Elf line of GPS systems since FlyQ EFB launched and really like the folks behind the company.  We kept waiting for the to introduce a great ADS-B system.  And now they have…

They’re launching a very affordable ADS-B system on the Kickstarter crowd-funding site.  Be sure to check the system out and pledge your support if you’re interested!

Check out their video, especially the second half of the video which nicely shows weather, traffic, and 3D synthetic vision on FlyQ EFB.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone at Seattle Avionics would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

On this day, it’s especially important for all of us to reflect upon and be thankful for our family and loved ones.  They are the most important things in life but, during most of the year, it’s easy to forget that and caught up in the complexities of our day.

Kiss and hug your kids, call your parents, and enjoy the day.


Black Friday: Lifetime Data from $329 for iPad, MFD, Laptop, etc.

A few moments ago, we began our Black Friday deal.  And it’s one heck of a deal.  Three deals, actually.

  1.  All-new ChartData ONE.  $799.  Sick of buying data for your iPad, your MFD, your laptop, etc?  As the name implies, new ChartData ONE is the subscription only Seattle Avionics could offer.  For $799, you get a lifetime subscription for all the apps and devices we support today and will support tomorrow: FlyQ EFB, Aspen, Dynon, GRT, Bendix-King, Voyager, etc.  Never pay for data every again!
  2. Lifetime FlyQ EFB IFR + VFR.  $429.  All the data you’ll ever need for your iPad for both IFR and VFR flying.  On the #1 rated iPad aviation app.  IFR and VFR maps, geo-referenced approach plates, 3D synthetic vision, fuel prices, support for 20+ ADS-B systems including Stratus, Clarity, Dual, iLevil, SkyRadar, FreeFlight, NavWorx, etc.
  3. Lifetime FlyQ EFB VFR.  $329.  As above but without the data specific to IFR flying.  All the app features are otherwise the same!

Find out more and purchase.  Offers limited to just 200 buyers for each offer!

New FlyQ Online and the FlyQ Family

I’m very happy to announce that ATLAS, our Web-based flight planner and aviation information system is now FlyQ Online.

The name change is important because FlyQ Online is now a full-fledged member of the FlyQ family.  This means you use FlyQ Online to plan a flight from your PC or Mac using your keyboard and mouse then have the plan automatically available to FlyQ Pocket on your smartphone and FlyQ EFB on your iPad.  It’s a remarkably efficient system.

Today we’re doing a special Webinar about using FlyQ Online and the rest of the FlyQ Family together.  It’s at 3PM Pacific today.

Click for more info or to sign-up for the Webinar.


Webinar Week This Week!

As we mentioned in the last Newsletter, this is Webinar Week.  That means a live, Web-based, interactive presentation (a Webinar) every day this week.  We’ve already done the first three but it’s not too late to join.  Today we’re doing an Advanced FlyQ EFB one and tomorrow is our final Intro to FlyQ webinar.

Starting in December, we’ll also be doing a webinar every Wednesday (i.e. Webinar Wednesday).

This Monday is a very special webinar because we’ll be demonstrating ATLAS, our Web-based flight planner/aviation information system.  More than that, however, we’ll show how the whole FlyQ family of products — ATLAS, FlyQ Pocket, and FlyQ EFB — work together to give you a unique seamless experience: Use ATLAS to plan on your PC or Mac using your large monitor and mouse, file a flight plan or check the weather on the way to the airport using FlyQ Pocket, then navigate inflight using FlyQ EFB.  It’s pretty amazing when you put it all together.  That’s Monday.

Tuesday’s presentation is mainly for Civil Air Patrol, Aerial Photography, and Coast Guard Auxiliary pilots.  For some time, FlyQ EFB has had three types of Search and Rescue grid overlays. Version 2.2 adds an easy way to add the complex search patterns that these pilots fly.  In fact, FlyQ EFB 2.2 adds more patterns than a Garmin G1000 and more than any iPad app of which we’re aware.  This presentation goes over all these features (and more) that are helpful to SAR pilots.

Thu 11/19/2015 2:00 PM (Pacific) Advanced FlyQ EFB
FlyQ EFB includes a lot of features that many users may not have discovered yet. We’ll hit on some great tips and tricks in this webinar.
Fri 11/20/2015 12:00 PM (Pacific) Intro to FlyQ EFB
This is a great introduction for those new to FlyQ EFB or who want a quick refresher of the basics.
Mon 11/23/2015 3:00 PM (Pacific) ATLAS and the FlyQ Family
All-new Web-based ATLAS is an incredible addition to the FlyQ family. We show you how to plan on your PC or Mac with ATLAS, get quick weather updates or make changes on your iPhone with FlyQ Pocket then fly with FlyQ EFB on your iPad.
Tue 11/24/2015 5:00 PM (Pacific) CAP (Civil Air Patrol) and Aerial Photography with FlyQ EFB
Previous versions of FlyQ EFB had various forms of CAP grids on the map. New version 2.2 adds 8 search patterns for CAP and aerial photography missions. This webinar should be seen by all CAP pilots.