Black Friday: Lifetime Data from $329 for iPad, MFD, Laptop, etc.

A few moments ago, we began our Black Friday deal.  And it’s one heck of a deal.  Three deals, actually.

  1.  All-new ChartData ONE.  $799.  Sick of buying data for your iPad, your MFD, your laptop, etc?  As the name implies, new ChartData ONE is the subscription only Seattle Avionics could offer.  For $799, you get a lifetime subscription for all the apps and devices we support today and will support tomorrow: FlyQ EFB, Aspen, Dynon, GRT, Bendix-King, Voyager, etc.  Never pay for data every again!
  2. Lifetime FlyQ EFB IFR + VFR.  $429.  All the data you’ll ever need for your iPad for both IFR and VFR flying.  On the #1 rated iPad aviation app.  IFR and VFR maps, geo-referenced approach plates, 3D synthetic vision, fuel prices, support for 20+ ADS-B systems including Stratus, Clarity, Dual, iLevil, SkyRadar, FreeFlight, NavWorx, etc.
  3. Lifetime FlyQ EFB VFR.  $329.  As above but without the data specific to IFR flying.  All the app features are otherwise the same!

Find out more and purchase.  Offers limited to just 200 buyers for each offer!

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