Wind Storm Closes Office

The Seattle area was hit with a strong wind storm yesterday that caused power outages for many in the area.  As of this writing, more than 100,000 people and offices in the Seattle area are without power.  Seattle Avionics is one of those.

All of our critical systems are located off-site for just this reason so all our standard data processing and such is working normally.  But it does mean that there was no one in the office yesterday afternoon and may not be today either so please use email rather than phone to contact us today.  Our usual support, customer service, and sales staffs will be working as best they can from home but there may be some response delays.  The Webinar scheduled for today will proceed normally. or


New ATLAS Beta Release ( Now Available

The Web team at Seattle Avionics has been burning the midnight oil getting ATLAS ready for full release very soon.  Flight Plan (NavLog) printing as PDF is now available!  Printing a coherent, easy-to-understand NavLog isn’t easy and we went back to school a bit on this and looked at printed NavLogs from several other systems as well as our own Voyager and FlyQ EFB apps.  The result is something easier to read and understand (and, frankly, more attractive) than anything else we’ve seen. Here is a sample NavLog.

In the past few weeks, beta version 0.8.0 was released with a host of major flight planning features fixed and 0.8.1 fixes some issues for users with incomplete accounts (that is, no aircraft specified) as well as adds printing.

We still have more work to go but it’s definitely getting closer.  Take a look!

Click Login in the upper-right corner and use your FlyQ email/password to login.  Or use Create Account to create an all-new account.

Be sure to click the question mark (?) icon at the top to see the current release notes about what works and what doesn’t.

If you haven’t tried ATLAS yet, you should as it’s a pretty amazing system.  All you need is a PC or Mac with a modern Web browser and you can create/edit/file flight plans, get weather briefings, get detailed airport information, check for cheap fuel, and much more.  And, of course, flight plans and pilot/aircraft profiles are automatically shared between ATLAS and FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Pocket.

To get a sense of how it works, here is a video from before it was released to beta (hence it’s a little outdated but you’ll get the idea).

Fixes relative to the previous beta (

  • FIXED (0.8.1): NavLog printing not implemented
  • FIXED (0.8.1): Incomplete user accounts (no aircraft, etc.) handled badly
  • FIXED (0.8.0): Cannot file a flight plan
  • FIXED (0.8.0): No Wx briefings
  • FIXED (0.8.0): The Wx status icons for airports with METARs don’t work.
  • FIXED (0.8.0): Unless logged-in, creating a flight plan is handled very badly
  • FIXED (0.8.0): METAR/TAF date display is wrong on some browsers
  • FIXED (0.8.0): Editing a flight plan with lat/long points (rather than named aviation points) fails
  • FIXED (0.8.0): Cannot create a new flight plan with a non-default aircraft
  • FIXED (0.8.0): Lockheed Martin not supported

November 2015 ChartData Released

The FAA updates data every 28 days (every 4th Thursday) and a new data cycle begins on Thursday.  We’ve now merged the FAA’s data with our proprietary ChartData and enabled downloads of the ChartData for the new cycle.

We update ChartData several days in advance of each cycle start date so you can download it early.  All US and EU (European) data was made available yesterday or earlier today.

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to update your ChartData before you fly.

  • In FlyQ EFB:  Tap the ChartData Manager icon (the “down arrow” icon) and review which states you have selected then tap Update Now.
  • In FlyQ Pocket: Select the Downloads tab on the bottom of the screen and tap Update Now.
  • For apps and devices that use our Data Manager, run the Data Manager (or select Settings from the little icon at the lower right corner of your Windows screen) and tap Update Now.
  • In Voyager, select Update Data from the Tools menu then choose the All Monthly ChartData item.

If you need to renew your subscription, click the appropriate link below: