Almost 5,000 New Airport Diagrams!

As you probably know, the FAA publishes diagrams for just 700 or so airports although there are more than 5,000 public-use airports in the US.  In all likelihood, your favorite airports just don’t get the love they deserve from the FAA.

But starting today, Seattle Avionics is providing very detailed, high-quality airport diagrams for nearly 4,700 US airports.  These new diagrams are called “SA Diagrams.” The SA Diagrams show FBO and fuel service locations as well as runways and taxiways.


The new Seattle Avionics diagrams are being added to many apps and devices.  The first two devices or apps to get them are the Dynon SkyView system and our FlyQ Online web-based flight planning system for the PC and Mac.  Very soon, they’ll be in FlyQ EFB for the iPad when version 2.2 is released (in final beta now).

The new SA Diagrams are created with data from many different sources then created, verified, and published by Seattle Avionics.  The same ChartData team at Seattle Avionics that provides the FAA-certified DO-200A quality approach plates you have now is working on these new diagrams.

We Need Your Help!

As this is the first release of this data, we expect to find errors and inconsistencies on many of the diagrams.  In fact, there is a web page with a list of SA Diagrams with known issues.

Producing these diagrams involves more than just relying on government sources.  In particular, we get feedback from FBOs, airport managers, and, most importantly, pilots like you.

Therefore, we ask that you take a look at the SA Diagram for your home airport and other favorite airports and provide us feedback.

If you’re at your computer, just go to FlyQ Online ( and enter the ident of your favorite airports.


You’ll see a small version of the new SA Diagram after you select the airport from the search results.  If the airport has an FAA diagram, you’ll actually see both diagrams.  Click the one on the right side of the airport info to see it on the large pane next to the airport (where the map normally is).



If you find a problem or want to add your favorite FBO, just email us with the details and we’ll take it from there.

Finally, producing these diagrams has been a huge undertaking here and we apologize that it meant releasing this month’s data a few days later than usual to get the SA Diagrams in.  We’ll be back to our normal publishing schedule of releasing the data on Monday or Tuesday before the next cycle.


– The ChartData Team at Seattle Avionics

9 thoughts on “Almost 5,000 New Airport Diagrams!

  1. […] In addition to our usual ChartData, we just added nearly 5,000 new US airport diagrams — “Seattle Avionics Diagrams.”  They are now available to Dynon SkyView users and to pilots using FlyQ Online, our web-based flight planning system for the PC and Mac.  They’ll be available to FlyQ EFB users the moment version 2.2 is released by Apple.  Read more about these exciting new diagrams. […]


  2. […] Of special note, we recently added nearly 4,700 new US airport diagrams — “Seattle Avionics Diagrams.”  Although there are about 5,000 public, land airports in the US, the FAA only publishes diagrams for 700 airports of them.  Our additional 4,700 diagrams mean excellent airport coverage for the vast majority of smaller airports in the lower 48 states (we’re working on AK and HI now).  These new diagrams are now available to users of FlyQ EFB (new feature introduced in version 2.2), Dynon SkyView, and FlyQ Online, our web-based flight planning system for the PC and Mac.    Read more about these exciting new diagrams. […]


  3. L.S.
    I am looking forward to see the same level of information for Canada becoming available.
    My home is in BC, Canada, and as far as I can see Foreflight is my only option.


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