Data Manager Automation Features

In this post I will highlight time saving automation features of Data Manger.

What is Data Manager?

Seattle Avionics Data Manager is a software application (Windows OS) for downloading and transferring of Seattle Avionics ChartData to the data card of your avionic. This includes ChartData for Aspen MFD, Bendix King KSN\AV8OR ACE\AV8OR HH, Dynon Avionics SkyView, GRT Horizon HX/HXr, Advanced Flight Systems AF-5xxx, and AvMap EKP V.

What are Data Manager automation features?

Imagine if you will, on your next flight if all you had to do was swap data cards. No waiting for data to be download from the internet. No waiting for data to be copied to the data card. What if this could be done while-you-sleep dreaming about airplanes? Sound too good to be true? Read on.

Data Manager starts every time when Windows starts; unless you have disabled that feature under Options. Data Manager was designed to run in the background, checking for updates once-an-hour. When Data Manager finds new data, it will *automatically*  download only the data that has changed from the last-cycle to the local PC hard drive.

But wait there’s more! It gets even better, leave a extra data card in the computer, Data Manager will *automatically* update that too!

You can install Data Manager on up to 5 computers. Run a copy of Data Manager at the office, home, laptop, and hangar.

All this convenience is built right into Data Manager is enabled by default. If you let your computer go to sleep, turn it on about 72 hours before the next Cycle. You can let the display sleep as its not required.

ChartData updates follow the same 28 Day Cycle as the FAA. Normally data is released 48 to 72 hours before the 28 Day Effective Date.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll never have to wait for data again.

57 thoughts on “Data Manager Automation Features

    • Great question Shannon. DM will update one card at a time. A workaround is to use two computers. I’ll suggest this to the team for consideration. -kar


      • Hi Shannon,

        As it happens, we’re working on a new version of the Data Manager that can update multiple cards at the same time. If you’d like to beta test it, please email

        In the meantime, you can either do as Keith suggests with two machines or update one card then replace the card and click Update Now again. For the second card, the data will not be downloaded again so it’s much faster than the first card.

        Thanks, Steve


  1. I called Aspen about getting some spare SD cards for my Aspens. The cost per card was several hundred dollars if i recall correctly. I am told by Aspen that I have to purchase their SD card. I can’t use a card from WalMart because Aspen’s card has all their pertinent information on it. So I am stuck with going to the airport, remove the cards, bring them to my office to update, then take them back to the airport and reinstall them. Sure would be nice to have the extra cards like you say but that is not what Aspen says. Can you help clarify this?


    • Great question! First I would like to clarify that we (Seattle Avionics) do not control which data cards can or can not be used in avionics. For certified avionics, it’s the FAA as part of the certification of the avionic. For non-certified avionics, it’s the manufacturer that recommends a data card. While I can’t speak for our partners or the FAA, there is substandard products that flood the US market that do not meet vibration, humidity/moisture, electromagnetic interference, temperature (hot & cold), force of gravity (+/-), and air density requirements needed for aeronautical use. When considering all this and the physical size of the data on the media (about 200 x 25 nanometers per bit), its impressive that it works at all.

      Personally, I justify the cost based on the value of my time, the cost of driving round robin (gas/wear & tear) to the airport, and knowing the cards will last *longer* because the workload is shared between multiple cards. Thats what I tell the wife anyways when she questions the bill.


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