FlyQ EFB 2.2 Now Available!

It’s now available to download!

FlyQ EFB 2.2, a MAJOR upgrade, is now available from the App Store!  300% faster, aerial photo maps, 4,600+ new Seattle Avionics Airport Diagrams, CAP search patterns, and much more!

Download the revised Pilot’s Guide

Watch the What’s New video

To upgrade:

Upgrades to FlyQ EFB are free.

If you’re reading this on your iPad, just click below (won’t work on a PC or Mac):

If you’re reading this on a PC or Mac, go to your iPad then:

1. Open the App Store app on your iPad (usually on the first Home page).
2. Within the App Store, tap the Updates tab at the bottom.
3. Look for FlyQ EFB and tap the Update button next to it.

Tip: You can have the iPad automatically do updates for all apps in the future. This saves a lot of time!  To do that:

1. Go to the Settings app on the iPad
2. Tap the iTunes & App Store item on the left side of the screen (might need to scroll down to see it).
3. Turn the switch next to Updates ON (green).

What’s New

  • 300% faster mapping engine
  • New terrain base map
  • New road base map
  • New photographic (satellite) base map
  • New SA Airport Diagrams for 4,600+ airports
  • All-new TFR system including sports TFRs
  • Waypoint idents on the flight plan line
  • Comprehensive Search and Rescue routing
  • Added ground elevation for any point
  • FAA and SA Airport Diagrams can now be overlaid on the map
  • Added VSR (vertical speed required) gauge
  • Support for the Dual XGPS 190 ADS-B
  • Support for the L-3 Lynx ADS-B
  • Experimental support for the Stratux AHRS (other Stratux ADS-B features are fully-functional and not experimental)

Fixes and Other New Features

  • ADDED: TCrs and MagVar added to the NavLog
  • ADDED: Lat/lon, CAP grid reference, navaid/dist/bearing and navaid intersections now accepted anywhere a standard ident (airport, navaid, fix, etc.) can be used.
  • ADDED: Several new aircraft to the database
  • ADDED: Can add a corner suffix to all CAP grid references to specify which corner of the grid. E.g. SEA140NW / SEA140SE, etc.
  • ADDED: 1/2 NM and 1/4 NM added as options for the Ring distance (useful for CAP)
  • FIXED: Procedure from the previous airport sometimes being displayed in a list for a different airport
  • FIXED: Cannot reverse a FP created with lat/lon entries
  • FIXED: Computational problem in MHdg in offline flight planning
  • FIXED: Cannot get back to list of flight plans after clicking New in split/landscape
  • FIXED: Problem with blank map at app startup when using a Bluetooth ADS-B such as the Dual XGPS 170 or 190
  • FIXED: SAR Cell format grids has lat/lon reversed
  • FIXED: SAR Sectional Grid does not display the correct grid reference in some cases where SAR groups overlaps (like LAX and PHX)
  • FIXED: SAR Sectional Grid does not display the last line at the bottom of the grid
  • FIXED: In Airport/Services, the tap area for changing fuel price is too large, making it hard to see FBO details
  • FIXED: ADS-B traffic alt box can sometimes obscure the 2 minute line from the target
  • FIXED: Fuel prices cover airport ident
  • FIXED: NOTAM text too tight to header cells
  • FIXED: Various capitalization inconsistencies in Settings and the Gauge descriptions
  • FIXED: Double-tap on Wx briefing does not show in full-screen pop-up
  • FIXED: Occasional problem loading flight plans or aircraft from the server
  • FIXED: Switching volume units to Liters is not reflected on aircraft settings page
  • FIXED: TAF and METAR visibility noted in NM rather than SM, causing some confusion
  • FIXED: Flight plan winds do not recalculate in some cases
  • FIXED: Calculation error in some navaid/radial/distance entries
  • FIXED: Keyboard covers key areas of the FAA flight plan
  • FIXED: Display problems in 3D heading and altitude labels

27 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 2.2 Now Available!

  1. Excellent! Congrats to you and the crew on ver 2.2, Steve. Especially appreciate your recognition and support of Stratux. Chris is a friend and I know that means a lot to him as well.


  2. That’s very kind of you, Randy. Thanks!

    As you may know, Chris and I have never met but we’ve emailed several times. In fact, I think part of the genesis for Stratux was an email he sent to us about duplicating the Stratus data format and I suggested he use GDL 90 instead.

    The Stratux is a game-changer for making many, many pilots much safer. Who wouldn’t be happy about that? He and all the project contributors (you?) are doing great work!



  3. You all have great customer service and communications.

    I dislike change but I am so glad I dumped that X program for FlyQ. Got the down load and yes, much faster painting the screen. See you at sun&fun

    Pete harow


  4. I earlier downloaded FlyQefb 2.2 and it seems faster and the SA airport charts are very good and a welcome change. I will test it while flying tomorrow but I anticipate no issues. The download and installation of 2.2 went very quickly and without a hitch. Thanks to you all for these changes.


  5. That’s great news Steve. I will be updating to 2.2 this evening! Looking forward to the new functionality.

    While on, I want to give you an update on my STRATUX implementation with FlyQ.

    I am using beta version .6 STRATUX software with FlyQ (which is the most current software before 2.2 now becoming available.)

    I have two SDRs on the STRATUX, one for UAT (978) and one for 1090 ES. They are both working and receiving weather and traffic data appropriately and the STRATUX is transmitting to the IPAD via the Edimax WIFI Transceiver.

    I just received my Ublox GPS receiver and am in the process of putting it in to operation via the STRATUX. If it works well, I will replace my Dual Skypro XGPS 160. Planning on a good x-ctry flight tomorrow so I will let you know the results.

    Thanks for continuing to improve FlyQ and add functionality to it! Im looking forward to all the new Airport diagrams since most of the ones I fly to do not have FAA diagrams.


    Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 20:21:41 +0000 To:


      • Just a quick note to let you know I flew 2.2 today and love it. New AGL and VSR gauges are very useful, no more black rings (from the 15 nm traffic filter ring) either. Like the various new gauges which can be added. Love the way you moved gas prices off the airport and put the names of the airports in a flight plan in text along the flight plan. Still learning all the goodies but it’s a great improvement and I thank you and the team for the work on it. Ive just about got my co-owner and flying buddy ready to switch from Foreflight.
        Also wanted to let you know that STRATUX worked without a hiccup on my flight this morning – 4 Green Icons. I have it equipped with 1090 ES SDR, 978 UAT SDR, and WAAS GPS. Im using Chris Young’s version .6 beta. I did put it in a new enclosure with a cooling fan and that is really helping reduce the operating temp on the CPU. Using an Anker 16000 mAh battery to run it all. Discovered it is helpful to “excite” the battery before plugging it into the STRATUX, so it provides full power, else the device has proven to be a lil grumpy about booting with all USB devices connected. Chris Young and all the folks working on it have done something special with STRATUX and I want to tell you it means a lot that you have been willing to support his EAA like effort. As a result I have a fully functioning ADSB In Receiver for less than 200 bucks! To everyone reading this, for a variety of reasons it, like any other ADSB does not see all traffic so you still MUST keep your eyes out the windscreen – but I can say this with absolute certainty, it and FlyQ have massively improved my already good SA I have with my GNS430.


      • We’re all blushing here, Dan! Thanks for the kind words — version 2.2 took a while to get out the door but we’re quite happy with the result and VERY glad you are, too.

        Also, I agree that Chris and the Stratux contributors have made aviation much safer via their efforts. We’re very happy to support their efforts and will continue to do so!



  6. What ever happened to the wireless connection to the Dynon system. I was told 7 months ago when I purchased my subscription that it would be available within a “couple of months”.


    • Hi Thomas,

      I’m sorry for any confusion but we never promise specific dates for just this reason. In the specific case of the Dynon WiFi connection, I believe that we’ve consistently — in multiple newsletters, promotional emails, blogs, etc. — said that it would go in immediately after version 2.2 shipped. V 2.2 is now out the door and sending flight plans to Dynon is one of the top features of version 2.3, which is generally a much smaller release than 2.2 was so should be quicker.

      Have you used version 2.2 yet? I think you’ll find it was worth the wait.

      Thanks, Steve


  7. Every time I touch “create” for a flight plan I get center screen balloon that states “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” and the flight plan is not created. Please explain this notice and what do I do to get around it


  8. Did this upgrade address the problem of losing a connection with Stratus 2S that I reported a few months ago. I have not used the product since that time because it does do much good if you cannot see traffic. I was really hoping this would be fixed.


    • Hi Robert,

      No change in that regard in version 2.2.

      To be very clear, there is NO problem with FlyQ EFB using the Stratus 2S. The problem is that the folks who make it don’t like you having a choice beyond using ForeFlight so added code that seems to serve no purpose but kick FlyQ EFB off the Stratus after a few minutes of use. The best way to fix it is to contact Sporty’s and tell them you don’t appreciate them using strongarm tactics to force you to buy ForeFlight after you spent $800 buying their device. Ask to remove the new code. Or vote with your wallet and return the unit to them and buy a new Dual XGPS 190 from someone else. It’s the same price and has the same features as the Stratus 2S but works with dozens of apps on iOS and Android.

      Thanks, Steve

      Thanks, Steve


      • I agree hat Sportys is playing a bad game but you are also misleading pilots. Your web clearly shows Stratus device in the ADS section and your March 20, 2015 post indicates you can use the Stratus with FlyQ despite the trademark comment. That is exactly why I purchased the Stratus because I thought it would work with your product.


      • Hi Robert,

        You have a point that we say that we support the Stratus — because we do. But when the issue with the Stratus 1S and 2S and their new firmware version became apparent, I think you’ll find that we altered our web pages to reflect the limitations. We’ve also removed the 1S and 2S from the list of supported devices. See:

        The whole point of our Stratus support is to remove a point of pain from ForeFlight users switching to FlyQ EFB. People ask us all the time which ADS-B receiver they should buy and we never suggest a Stratus but always something supported by more apps.

        The statement we made in March 2015 about Stratus support was spot-on at the time and 100% accurate until very recently when they released a firmware update. As firmware updates for the Stratus are delivered via ForeFlight, a FlyQ EFB customer using a Stratus 1 or 2 would not have any problem unless they also used ForeFlight and used it to update the Stratus firmware. Unlike most updates, the firmware update was not automatic so a user would have had to answered a prompt from ForeFlight to allow it.

        I’m sorry if this was a problem for you but no attempt to mislead was ever intended and we still have many, many people using FlyQ EFB with Stratus.



  9. I believe the event occurred Febuary 15 at about 8:00am. I activated my iPad, FlyQ and the opening map started to load but then a window opened stating I could not use the program as someone had tried to use my password to enter my. Program. Eventually I received am email saying to request a password from you. I was stuck unable to make a flight or to plan such. Finally I was able to obtain a new password to make my program functional.
    I don’t understand how the program knew someone had attempted to use my password and I was denied access to the program when I used my password? Most important, had I been in flight and someone attempted to log on using my password, would my program have non-functional? I can not use my IPad in flight to contact you to obtain a new password. The ONLY MAP a pilot has now is on their IPad, etc., and when it fails to be useable I can be up that “creek” ! A few months back someone ask the FAA about their map/GPS device failure and the reply came back “you should carry a back-up map/device”. What?


    • Hi Bob,

      I’m not sure what event you’re talking about but there is no such check in FlyQ like that. Moreover, if the iPad can’t communicate with the ground because it has no Internet connection, the iPad (and FlyQ) cannot magically detect that someone is trying to hack your account and disable anything (super-luminal, sub-ether communication isn’t here yet).

      Please contact or possibly Apple. It sounds more like some error that Apple might generate.

      Thanks, Steve


  10. Steve, I really like to new airport diagrams in FlyQ, It would be great if we could get the same diagrams in Voyager. Speaking of Voyager, for the past 2 months I have been waiting on a fix to the Airport information pop-up in Voyager. This is the pop-up that appears when you double click on an airport. The FBO/Notes tab of that pop-up does not work anymore. All you get is a note that states: “This item could not be downloaded. Click here to try again.” Of course clicking again results in the same message. Keith Russo in Support told me that the problem appeared to be an issue with the AOPA server. This was 2 months ago! Is there any hope of getting this problem fixed?


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the kind words about the new diagrams. We’re putting a huge amount of effort into them. About 40 will be updated based on pilot feedback in the next cycle (this week).

      In addition to FlyQ EFB, we also have the diagrams in our new FlyQ Online system ( FlyQ Online also has FBO info that is not from AOPA so not subject to the issue you described in Voyager.

      All in all, I would very strongly advise Voyager users to migrate to using FlyQ EFB in the cockpit and FlyQ Online for pre-flight planning. It’s unlikely that either the new SA Airport Diagrams will be added to Voyager or that the issue w/ the AOPA servers w/ Voyager will be addressed soon if ever. Sorry I didn’t have better news but online and iPad, rather than Windows, is definitely our trajectory and has been for several years.

      Thanks, Steve


  11. Why when updating data for New York do I see that the progress for VFR charts to be at 186% and still increasing. Why do are values in excess of 100% showing.

    Sent from my iPad



    • Minor known and long-standing bug. Basically the system retries failed downloads by picking up where it left off. The % complete just gets confused but the download itself is fine.

      Didn’t quite make the cut to be fixed for V 2.2 or 2.2.1 (released to Apple, waiting for them to approve). Will fix shortly as it bugs me, too.



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