Search and Rescue (CAP)

Version 2.2 of FlyQ EFB introduces unrivaled support for search and rescue missions.

For some time, we’ve included the three most common search grids (gridded sectionals, Cell, GARS).  Version 2.2 augments that with automatic creation of 9 different search patterns — more than any app or device we’re aware of.  Even better, innovative all-new features make planning a search mission easier than ever before.

Key routing features:

  • 9 patterns:  Parallel, Creeping Line, Sector, CAP Grid (specialized parallel), Expanding Square, Circle, Square, Circle (Photographic), and Square (Photographic).
  • Preview window that clearly shows patterns based on the desired parameters.
  • Generalized ability to specify corners of a cell as well as the cell center.
  • For Parallel and Creeping line, save time by using Start at and End at points that automatically compute DTK and number of legs.
  • One-click ability to add a four-corner overflight route before the main pattern.
  • Very detailed documentation in our revised Pilot’s Guide (pages 80-98).


4 thoughts on “Search and Rescue (CAP)

  1. Hi,I used your new version for a short flight from KMPI to KRHV and when I request to reverse the flight details I received an error message and it would not reverse it. Have you had this issue before? Thanks, Alan


    • HI Alan,

      Wasn’t clear if you created a SAR route or just a normal route. I tried every combination of normal routes between those points (victors, etc.) and reverse worked just fine in all cases. Please email with as much detail about precisely what parameters you used to create the flight as possible (screenshot of the New Plan perhaps).

      Thanks, Steve


  2. Hi, I tried to put in a grid search and it would not let me do a 1/4 grid (which is what CAP usually does). The search came out in the center of a grid and didn’t even cover the whole grid. It is very frustrating that this program isn’t very intuitive. How can you do a 1/4 grid search? Or is this not possible?


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