Last Chance! Prices Increase Monday.

As we announced a few weeks ago, we’re raising the price of FlyQ EFB, the #1 rated iPad aviation app, on April 1.  It will still be less than other competitive products but more than it is now.  And it will certainly still be easier to use, easier to read, connect to more ADS-B systems, etc. than other products.  In other words, better.  Not that I’m biased in any way…

Just until Sunday evening, we’re running a last chance special to buy 1, 2, or 3 years at the current price.  In fact, if you buy the 2 or 3 year offers, you even get a discount from the current price (and, therefore, a really big discount off the new prices).

Click to purchase at the sale price now

Old price: $119.99/year Old price: $69.99/year
New price: $139.99/year New price: $69.99/year
Sale price
(1 year): $119.99
Sale price
(1 year): $69.99
Sale price
(2 years): $229.99
Sale price
(2 years): $119.99
Best Value!
Sale price
(3 years): $299.99
Best Value!
Sale price
(3 years): $149.99

At this time, we’re not raising the VFR-only subscription price but may in the future.  We’re discounting the VFR subscriptions during this sale to be fair to our VFR customers.

Sale prices expire on Sunday April 3, 2016.

You might find the following videos and documents useful.  Please let us know if you’d like information about something that isn’t covered here as we’re always looking to improve our user training materials.

All training videos

Printable Pilot’s Guide

General Info

Intro to FlyQ EFB

What’s New in Version 2.2 video

List of Supported ADS-B and GPS receivers

Search and Rescue (CAP) video

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