FlyQ EFB Version 2.3 Now Available!

Seems like just yesterday (ok, 5 weeks ago) that I was announcing version 2.2 with 300% faster mapping, 4,600+ new Seattle Avionics Airport Diagrams, and CAP routing. Well, today is another day and another great new version – 2.3!

FlyQ EFB has connected to more devices and apps than anyone else for some time – 20+ ADS-B systems, all the major external GPS units, Aspen Connected Panel, X-Plane flight simulator, FlyQ Online, FlyQ Pocket, AOPA Flight Planner, and more. Today we extend our lead by adding integration with Dynon SkyView, AFS AF-5000 series, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Prepar3D flight simulator.


With new version 2.3, getting your flight plan to and from your Dynon or AFS system just takes a few clicks rather than dozens of knob-turns!  When you combine new Web-based FlyQ Online with this, it means easy planning on your large-screen PC or Mac with a keyboard and mouse then getting it into you panel with almost no effort!  It’s almost too easy!

Connecting to your panel also means that FlyQ EFB gets  rock-solid GPS and AHRS feed so no more worrying about GPS batteries and recalibrating your AHRS.

FlyQ EFB has supported the X-Plane Flight Simulator for some time.  Now with version 2.3 we also support the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator and sophisticated Prepar3D flight simulator.  This reduces your training and concurrency costs — not to mention adds some fun on days that you can’t really drill holes in the clouds!

Learn about these great new features from the revised Pilot’s Guide in the new External Devices and Applications section.

To upgrade:

Upgrades to FlyQ EFB are free.

If you’re reading this on your iPad, just click below (won’t work on a PC or Mac):

If you’re reading this on a PC or Mac, go to your iPad then:

1. Open the App Store app on your iPad (usually on the first Home page).
2. Within the App Store, tap the Updates tab at the bottom.
3. Look for FlyQ EFB and tap the Update button next to it.

Tip: You can have the iPad automatically do updates for all apps in the future. This saves a lot of time!  To do that:

1. Go to the Settings app on the iPad
2. Tap the iTunes & App Store item on the left side of the screen (might need to scroll down to see it).
3. Turn the switch next to Updates ON (green).

As a reminder, version 2.2 (released  weeks ago), introduced:

  • 300% faster mapping engine
  • New terrain base map
  • New road base map
  • New photographic (satellite) base map
  • New SA Airport Diagrams for 4,600+ airports
  • All-new TFR system including sports TFRs
  • Waypoint idents on the flight plan line
  • Comprehensive Search and Rescue routing
  • Added ground elevation for any point
  • FAA and SA Airport Diagrams can now be overlaid on the map
  • Added VSR (vertical speed required) gauge
  • Support for the Dual XGPS 190 ADS-B
  • Support for the L-3 Lynx ADS-B
  • Support for the Stratux AHRS (other Stratux ADS-B features are fully-functional and not experimental)

14 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB Version 2.3 Now Available!

    • This is exactly what I was looking for! Why can’t I use my IPhone 6P as a back up to my Mini’s
      I could do this before I switched from Foreflight which I really liked. This is a must for me to stay with FlyQ in the future.


      • Hi. Glad you like the recent performance increase in FlyQ EFB. So do we!

        We have SmartPlates & Charts available for your iPhone. As a FlyQ EFB subscriber, it’s free (login w/ the same email/password). It has FAA airport diagrams, plates, and IFR and VFR maps. We also have FlyQ Online ( on the Web (PC or Mac) with really great pre-flight planning features.

        Thanks, Steve


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