New FlyQ EFB Webinar from FAA Safety Team on Tuesday

FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

The supervisor Harlow Voorhees ( has approved the scheduling of the following seminar:

“Free Webinar – FlyQ New Features Overview”

Topic: FlyQ New Features

On Tuesday April 26, 2016 at 6:30PM Pacific Daylight Time

Select Number: WP0568693



2830 E Wardlow Rd

Long Beach, CA 90806


Fly Q from Seattle Avionics has some great new features.  Learn how to use:

  • New terrain base map
  • New road base map
  • New photographic (satellite) base map
  • New SA Airport Diagrams for 4,600+ airports
  • All-new TFR system including sports TFRs
  • Waypoint idents on the flight plan line
  • Added ground elevation for any point
  • FAA and SA Airport Diagrams can now be overlaid on the map
  • Added VSR (vertical speed required) gauge
  • Web-Based FlyQ Online


2 thoughts on “New FlyQ EFB Webinar from FAA Safety Team on Tuesday

    • Hi, I’m afraid I can’t help much as we don’t have any control over this Webinar. I just signed-up using my personal email and it went thru just fine. I believe it’s put on by Gary Reeves, a Master CFI in Southern California. The email he shows on the “More Details” button about the webinar has a contact email of

      Hope that helps.

      Thanks, Steve


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