FlyQ EFB Webinars Back in Session

Hello fellow pilots,

Cori here, Inside Sales Manager at Seattle Avionics.  This is a quick message announcing that our FlyQ EFB Webinars are back in session.  I will be giving 1-2 webinars per week covering FlyQ EFB basics.  This is the place where you can have your questions answered, and learn tips and tricks to navigate the app with ease.  I will cover the basics including: flight planning, checking weather, airport information, different layer options, split screen mode, as well as filing flight plans.

As an added bonus, when you participate in a webinar, you also get a coupon for your next subscription!

In the up coming weeks we have the following webinars going on:

  • Thursday May 5, 2016  5:00pm PST (Intro to FlyQ EFB and the FlyQ Family)
  • Tuesday May 10, 2016 5:00pm PST (Intro to FlyQ EFB and the FlyQ Family)
  • Thursday May 12, 2016 2:00pm PST (Intro to FlyQ EFB and the FlyQ Family)

Remember these are interactive Webinars so you can ask questions and have your answers shown to you live!

For a complete listing of our webinars please visit:

Hope to see you there!

Corinne (Cori) Emerson

4 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB Webinars Back in Session

  1. I’m most likely a bit late to this game but I just read in one of the aviation mags that Stratus has programmed blocking software into their units to disable their use with FlyQ EFB. Can this programming be overridden in any way?


    • Yes the folks behind Stratus (a joint venture of ForeFlight, Sporty’s, and Appareo) added some code in the most recent Stratus firmware that makes it harder for other apps to use it. There is no way you can override except, perhaps, by contacting Appareo (who actually makes the box) and complain. Good companies listen to customers.

      Thanks, Steve


      • Steve, thanks for your prompt reply. One of the reasons I like FlyQ so much! Is there anyone at Appareo I should complain to directly, maybe an email address? I’m not beneath sending an email to Hal either. I won’t attribute my complaint to you in any way. Thanks for your help.

        Best personal regards,



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