New FlyQ Online with Dramatically Enhanced Weather

For the last few months, we’ve been hard at work adding a wide variety of new weather map layers to FlyQ Online.  Today, we released the new version and all I can say is:


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.48.05 PM copy

This new version includes more weather layers than FlyQ EFB or any other product we’ve ever made: METAR, Ceilings, Visibility, Precip, Sky Conditions, Surface Temp, Dew Point, Surface Winds, and Winds Aloft.  Also, the Winds Aloft layer has a very handy Altitude Slider that makes it super-quick to see how the winds look at different altitudes.

We’ll add a weather legend in a bit.

This version also includes a few minor fixes, the most notable of which is a fix to the the Nearby button (the “Target” icon next to the Search box) that didn’t work properly when using Google Chrome.

Give it a spin and tell us what you think.  Still a little more to go before we rate FlyQ Online as “released” rather than “beta” but these were the most difficult of our final work items.


12 thoughts on “New FlyQ Online with Dramatically Enhanced Weather

  1. I admit I’ve only spent a few minutes with it but so far I’ll describe it as “frustrating”…I’ve used FlyQ for a couple of years and the user interface with this is not the same. I do not intend to learn another user interface…Yep, old and cranky. Make user inteface the samevor it’s a no go for me. The new AOPA is easier and more familiar.


    • Hi Larry.

      Huh? The user interface for FlyQ Online is virtually identical to FlyQ EFB. Maybe a couple more than a few minutes would be helpful? There is a video, albeit a little dated, that shows how the system works — it’s super simple. I’d suggest taking a look.

      Also click the ? icon at the top of the screen to see what is actually different (rubber-banding a FP line, for example) and what isn’t done yet. If you’re still confused, send an email to and let us help you.



  2. I find that when I click on a METAR circle over an airport, the pop up notifies me that weather is loading but all that comes up is a bar labeled as ‘Winds Aloft’ and nothing else. I click on the ‘Winds Aloft’ bar but there is no actual info or weather that comes up on the pop up. Don’t know if this is a known issue or if I’m missing something. Otherwise, I know that it’s in it’s infancy and I like it. Thanks for keeping us informed.


    • Hi,
      This was something we saw in testing during development under Chrome (specifically) but haven’t seen is since we released it (we made a change to fix it for Chrome).

      if you can give us a very specific repro case, we’d appreciate it. Please use the “Feedback” (email icon) at the top of FlyQ Online because it also sends some info about your Web browser and OS versions.



    • VNav for a web-based flight planner? Not sure I see the point. FlyQ EFB has VSR which shows the “vertical speed required” to get to land at the next airport in your FP.

      By VNav do you mean a vertical profile view — like our Voyager app for Windows has always had? If so, yes, that will be in FlyQ Online in the near future.


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