Oshkosh! Seminar Schedule, etc.

On your way to Oshkosh or already there? Us too! Come see us in Booth C-3089 (Hangar C) to learn about all our products, take advantage of our great show-only specials, or just meet the team. I’ll also be giving several seminars during the week that cover topics near and dear to our hearts.

On a personal note, you’ll see two young men in the booth. The younger one, Sasha, is my 15 year old son and will be going to OSH for the second time. He had a great time last year, repeatedly saying that it was the most fun he had all summer. He’s still getting used to working with adults so please go easy on him! $5 discount on any product if you tell him he should cut his hair shorter.

The other young man, TJ, is John Rutter’s son. TJ is in college and a veteran of several shows. You don’t have to go so easy on him 😉

July 25

8:30 AM

Intro to FlyQ EFB and the FlyQ Family Forum Stage 6
(#6 on map below)
July 28

8:30 AM

Comparing ADS-B Systems for iPad and Android Forum Stage 5
(#5 on map below)
July 29

11:30 AM

Advanced FlyQ EFB and the FlyQ Family Workshop Classroom B (#18 on map below)
July 30
11:30 AM
Combining iPads with Web Planning Forum Stage 4
(#4 on map below)


Full Sized Map

4 thoughts on “Oshkosh! Seminar Schedule, etc.

    • Hi Steve,

      Easiest things is to use the “Change my email” feature built into FlyQ EFB. It’s in Settings. That should make sure all your subscriptions and such get merged to the new email.

      Thanks, Steve


  1. Thanks for doing this. I love your product. I wish you were doing an earlier advanced seminar because I only can be there Monday and Tuesday. Best of luck . Ill try and find your booth and say hi
    Mark Schultz


    • Thanks for the kind words, Mark. We can only get so may slots and the days/times are assigned by the OSH folks. It’s hard because I realize most people don’t stay all 7 days so we sometimes to repeats of some presentations but didn’t this time. We’re getting a lot more requests for advanced presentations but had to do some intro ones, too. We’ll do some advanced webinars, too.

      Hope to see you there.



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