Apple iOS 10 Notes

The lab is currently testing iOS 10.0.1 for compatibility with our apps.

Please note that iOS 10 doesn’t support all iPhone or iPad devices. If your device is not supported by iOS 10, iOS 9.3.5 has been approved for use with our apps.

3 thoughts on “Apple iOS 10 Notes

  1. When in the world do you plan to have the Fly Q Pocket for Android ? It worked fine last year and your folks keep telling it is coming soon.


    • At some point, sure. We’re still testing both version 2.3.3 (currently public version) and 2.4 now but, so far, have not seen any compatibility issues with either version. I’m running iOS 10 on my person iPhone and iPad now and have not seen any problems. But, as with all major iOS releases, Apple almost invariably releases with some bugs that get corrected very quickly after the initial release.


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