Sectional Margin Notes Now Available

One of the great things about FlyQ EFB 2.4‘s new Documents support is the ability for users — and Seattle Avionics — to add new documents at any time.  For example, just a few days after the release of version 2.4, we’ve now added more than 50 new documents with all the margin notes that the FAA adds to Sectionals — like tower frequencies, SUA info, map insets, special warnings, etc.

To get them, just go to the Documents tab, click the + button, and choose Add Document.  Select the FAA VFR Charts group and you’ll see them all listed.  Some examples below.  Click to see the full-sized version.

Dallas-Ft. Worth Margin Notes


Phoenix Margin NotesphoenixlegendWashington, D.C. Margin Notes


10 thoughts on “Sectional Margin Notes Now Available

  1. The Sectional and TAC Chart Legend is not downloading from your site for some reason. I have a red dot on that document. I have deleted it and tried to reload with no luck.

    I sure wish you would add FlyQ wireless connectivity to the Garmin 430/530W with the GTX 345 ADS-B. I love your product but without connectivity I am going to have to switch to Foreflight when my plane gets ADS-B added.


    • Hi Scott. We’re talking to Garmin but be really aware that we’re not the bottleneck there — we have support for 20+ devices and will add Garmin support in a heartbeat when they allow us. Best bet is to call Garmin and ask them to allow us to support their devices. Please contact if you’re having a problem w/ a document but I would point out that every single user gets that document by default so I don’t think there is a generic problem.


  2. […] But what you may not have noticed is that many documents in the new FlyQ EFB Documents tab were automatically updated (at least if you’ve run FlyQ EFB in the last few hours).  Specifically, the Documents tab in FlyQ EFB lets you add the original FAA TAC charts (so you can see the margin notes).  And, for the Sectionals, has an all-new set of documents that isolate just the margin notes from each Sectional into new, simplified documents.  Have a look for examples. […]


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