Prayers and Good Wishes for Florida

As of this writing, Hurricane Matthew is approaching the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.  It has already killed nearly 300 people in the Caribbean including in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and more.  The property damage cannot even be estimated yet.

Everyone at Seattle Avionics wishes the very best for those in the path of the storm and anyone with friends and loved ones in harm’s way.  Like many of you, some of us have family in the area and will not sleep well tonight.  This is a good time to hug your loved ones.



7 thoughts on “Prayers and Good Wishes for Florida

    • You have a good memory, Armand! Thank you. They left Boynton beach this morning to stay with my sister on the west coast of Florida. They should be fine and I hope I can say the same about their house.


  1. We got really lucky here in Titusville (KTIX). No home or plane damage, and we still have power. One neighborhood over they are without. Lots of street lights out and fences down. Yard debris everywhere, looks like a war zone.


    • Good! It looks like it could have been much worse. My parents live near Boca Raton and left the area. They are on their way back home now since it looks like they had minimal damage, too. Really, really lucky.



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