Bahamas Airport Diagrams and Plates

We’re very excited to announce that all our US ChartData subscriptions now include geo-referenced airport diagrams, approach plates, and SIDs/STARs for the Bahamas.  No new subscription required.  This includes FlyQ EFB for the iPad, Dynon SkyView, Aspen Evolution, Bendix-King KSN 770, GRT Horizon, Advanced Flight Systems, and many more devices and apps.  Update your ChartData if you haven’t already done so to see the new charts.

Click the samples below to see larger versions.




26 thoughts on “Bahamas Airport Diagrams and Plates

  1. I have a lifetime subscription to Chartdata for the Aspen. The addition of Bahamas Airport Diagrams and Plates reinforces my decision that this is a great value. I used to have to buy paper charts before heading to the Bahamas. Thank you, Seattle Avionics!!


  2. Great to hear the Bahamas are being added. I go to Marsh Harbor every month or so. One question though, I haven’t been able to file an international flight plan through the app. Am I doing something wrong?


  3. Great that you have Bahamas but what about Canada?! Lots of my flying includes Canada and I am really looking To have geo referenced approach plates, etc for at least the southern Canadian destinations. Is this in the works?


    • If the cost of Canadian plates was in the same universe as the Bahamas plates, you’d have them now. The issue is that Nav Canada isn’t a government organization and has a fairly crazy idea about the value of their data (like more than the rest of the world combined). We’re talking to them and hoping to make some progress.

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  4. I know “We can never do enough” , but is there a chance you can include The Turks and Caicos’ islands? Thank you so much for including the Great islands of the Bahamas. Although we only fly there 3-4 times a year from Kentucky, we really want to thank you for being the first. Thank you.


    • Well, if we did add them, I’d have to personally validate all the approaches … 😉

      (I’ve been there and stayed at a really lovely resort a few years ago).

      Will add that to our list.

      Thanks, Steve


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