Auto-Updated Documents

The new FAA data cycle starts on Thursday.  Of course we tested, uploaded, and enabled our updates for FlyQ EFB, Dynon, Aspen, GRT, Bendix-King, etc. earlier this week.

But what you may not have noticed is that many documents in the new FlyQ EFB Documents tab were automatically updated (at least if you’ve run FlyQ EFB in the last few hours).  Specifically, the Documents tab in FlyQ EFB lets you add the original FAA TAC charts (so you can see the margin notes).  And, for the Sectionals, has an all-new set of documents that isolate just the margin notes from each Sectional into new, simplified documents.  Have a look for examples.

But what you may not have realized is that any TAC or Sectional Margin Note you added to your Documents was magically updated to the current TAC or Sectional if the TAC or Sectional actually changed this cycle (Sectionals and TACs are generally changed every six months on a staggered cycle unlike IFR Low/High charts that all all updated every 56 days).  The new charts have a green “New” tag on them.  The ones that didn’t change, weren’t updated.  For this cycle, that means charts for Albuquerque, Chicago, Dawson, Hawaii, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Puerto Rico were updated.


4 thoughts on “Auto-Updated Documents

  1. Excellent!

    Im flying tonight without my STRATUX connected to my FlyQ Ipad – just my DualPro GPS. I will let you know if I still get crashes or not…



  2. Anyone else having an issue with disappearing documents? Yeatarday i open the documents tab and all my documents are gone and unable to add new ones.


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