iPad Price Alerts

Doing a little morning Black Friday browsing on the Web and I came across excellent deals on the iPad Mini 2 (which is the same iPad I use most often) and the iPad Air 2.  Both are terrific devices and work wonderfully with FlyQ (naturally!). They are WiFi only models so you will need an external GPS (< $100) or an ADS-B receiver.  And, of course, if you haven’t taken advantage of our Black Friday Lifetime deals:


iPad Mini 2, 32 GB Wifi: $199



iPad Air 2, 32 GB WiFi: $279





Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving: Two simple words with so much meaning. We all have so much to be thankful for but sometimes forget about it.

Earlier this morning I watched The Little Prince. It’s a great reminder about finding joy and remembering what’s important. And about love.

So Happy Thanksgiving.

Now time to call my parents…

– Steve

Black Friday is ON!

First, Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Now .. Starting today, get your choice of Lifetime deals on our ChartData for all our most popular products like FlyQ EFB, Dynon, Bendix-King, Aspen, GRT, etc.

Starting at just $299.  For FlyQ, click here.  For all other products, click here.

All the offers are quantity limited and we’re already running low on some of them.  Hint hint.

Have a great weekend with your family and loved ones!


Group Document Management & Importing Waypoints

FlyQ’s new Groups feature is an amazing help to flying clubs, flight instructors, corporate flight departments, CFIs, and student pilots.


Now you can use FlyQ Online to create your own private groups of users — friends, collegues, student, etc. Then you can add private documents for just your group – POH, checklists, schedules, you name it! These private documents are instantly available to everyone in your group using FlyQ EFB on the iPad or FlyQ Online on the Web. Sharing has never been so easy!  Watch the video.

We also just added an Import feature to FlyQ Online so you can quickly load dozens or even hundreds of Personal Waypoints with a simple click. The Personal Waypoints are instantly available in FlyQ EFB as well as FlyQ Online.  Read about the file format.

Sign-Up for Black Friday Deals

The countdown clock has started…

Every Black Friday (November 25 this year), we offer the most amazing, most incredible deals in aviation. This year, we’ve outdone ourselves with the best deals in our 15 year history. Up to 75% off!


The catch is that quantities are very limited so it’s easy to miss out. Sign up for early notification on Tuesday night so you don’t let the deals fly by.

Whether it’s for yourself or you want to give someone else an amazing gift, sign-up now to get an email before other people grab the deals.

FlyQ Pocket for Android V2.2 Released

It gives me great pleasure to announce FlyQ Pocket for Android version 2.2 is available today.

FlyQ Pocket is a great aviation app for all pilots. It’s packed with powerful features that every pilot needs to make that all important ‘go or no-go’ decision before flight.

Best of all, it’s free! It’s part of our commitment to give back to the aviation community.

No other app or web site offers all theses powerful features in a simple to use package. Seattle Avionics pioneered the ‘Rule of Two’ ease-of-use. Navigating the app is quick and easy.

FlyQ Pocket is complete with everything a pilot needs. Here’s the highlights:

  • METAR/TAF (continuously updated)
  • Tap-to-Dial Realtime WX (ASOS/AWOS/ATIS)
  • 200+ Weather Graphics (with animation)
  • Flight Plan Routing (Direct, Airways, Wind/Fuel)
  • FAA Flight Plan Filing (DUATS or Lockheed)
  • Full FAA Legal Briefing (Area and Route)
  • Fuel Prices (MOGAS, 100LL, Jet A)
  • Airport Diagrams (700+ FAA and 4700+ Seattle Avionics Diagrams)
  • Airport Directory (A/FD & AOPA)

“We’re thrilled to have the app back under our own brand name once again” said Keith Russo, Seattle Avionics VP. FlyQ Pocket started out life as ‘FreeFlight’ under Seattle Avionics brand. It was later branded for AOPA under a 3 year license agreement. FlyQ Pocket for Android was the last of the apps to be rebranded.

Seattle Avionics FlyQ Pocket is available for Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android devices.


Apple iOS 10.1.1 Approved

Seattle Avionics has approved the use of Apple iOS version 10.1.1 with the current version of FlyQ EFB for iPad, FlyQ Pocket for iPhone/iPad, and SmartPlates & Charts for iPhone/iPad apps.

How to find the version number for Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB

  1. Open FlyQ EFB app
  2. Go to the Settings screen (gear icon)
  3. The version number is at the top right. Example: v2.3.1

How to find the version number for Apple iOS

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to About
  4. The iOS version number is under ‘Version’. Example: 9.1 (13B143)

How to update a Seattle Avionics app

  1. Open the App Store app
  2. Go to ‘Updates’ screen (bottom right)
  3. Look for the app icon and tap on ‘UPDATE’

How to update Apple iOS

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to Software Update
  4. Tap on ‘Download and Install’

*Please note that beta (aka “test”) versions of Apple iOS are not finished products, have not been fully tested, and contains bugs. Seattle Avionics does not support beta versions of Apple iOS for use with any of its apps.