Dynon SkyView 15 Released – ADS-B for FlyQ

We’re very happy to announce that our great partner, Dynon, has released SkyView version 15.0.  This version has some fantastic new features.  Our personal favorite is one where the traffic and weather feed from an ADS-B received connected to SkyView is now broadcast wirelessly to FlyQ EFB.

In other words, you get traffic and weather on FlyQ EFB providing you’re using FlyQ EFB version 2.4 or later (that is, we already had the featured enabled in FlyQ so there is nothing new to install). And, like with previous SkyView releases, FlyQ EFB also gets the GPS and AHRS feeds from SkyView and two systems support bi-directional flight plan transfer.

Read about connecting SkyView and FlyQ and watch the FlyQ EFB 2.4 What’s New video.



4 thoughts on “Dynon SkyView 15 Released – ADS-B for FlyQ

    • We already make FlyQ Pocket for Android but it’s been under a bit of redesign to remove AOPA marketing so not available for new downloads at this time. We’re beta testing it now and will release it in November, as mentioned in the last newsletter.


    • We continue to look at the market share of PILOTS (not the general population) using Android tablets vs iPads. While the overall share is about equal between the two operating systems, when you cut the data just looking for pilot’s, it’s not even remotely close (iPad is vastly more popular). That isn’t a statement about which is better, simply the reality of market share. if FlyQ EFB were a small simple game, porting would be easy but it’s not. We’re talking millions and millions of lines of code that would have to be converted and tested against literally hundreds of different combinations of Android flavors and devices. It’s a huge task, to say the least. Problem is, without the customers being there, we reach more pilots by making an excellent iPad app than making an excellent Android app. Dev resources are not infinite so we have to pick the platform that gives us the most bang from the buck. Things may change over time and we continually re-evavluate and will make a full-blown FlyQ EFB for Android when it makes business sense. In the meantime, I know a A LOT of die-hard Android users who hold their nose a little and buy an iPad mini 2 for $369 just for flying.


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