ICAO Flight Planning Now Available!

UPDATE March 5, 2017:  FlyQ EFB (version 2.4.5), FlyQ Pocket (3.0) , and FlyQ Online (0.93) all now support full ICAO flight planning.


As you probably know, the FAA plans to soon disallow the old Domestic flight plan forms and require ICAO format plans for both domestic and international flight plans. The exact date keeps shifting but we’re currently told it won’t happen until sometime in March.  However, we’re ready to go now with some apps and almost ready with others.  Read on .. it’s complicated!

We released several products today (one live now, one in beta now, and one in beta on Monday) that allow filing ICAO flight plans to your choice of Lockheed-Martin (Leidos) or CSRA DUATS.  The changes encompass two areas: Aircraft profiles and the Flight Plan page.  As some of the apps are in beta and some shipping, please read the following carefully to understand which level of planning is available in each app right now.

The Aircraft settings screens have been augmented with the nearly 100 new equipment options you need for full ICAO plans.  We thought that was overkill for most GA pilots so we added a unique Basic vs Advanced switch that hides the more esoteric options unless you select Advanced.  For example, a typical GA pilot flying a small plane in just the US is unlikely to need settings for ADS-C with FANS 1/A Capabilities, RNAV 5 with INS or IRS or Dinghy Color so we hid them in the Basic setting.  Flip to Advanced if you need the extra features.

The FAA flight plan form has been replaced with the ICAO flight plan form and we use the Aircraft settings to complete all the cryptic new Equipment fields. Please note that ICAO flight plan forms have numbered blocks, like the old domestic plans, but the first block number is 7 not 1.  No, we don’t know why either.

So what’s available for all our apps?

FlyQ Online:  We released a revised version of our Web-based planner, FlyQ Online, that has all the changes to both Aircraft settings and ICAO flight plans implemented.  You can see it running now on your PC or Mac with a Web browser:  https://flyq.seattleavionics.com  Note that you may need to hit a Refresh button or clear your browser cache (especially with Chrome) to see all the new features.

FlyQ EFB: We released a new beta (test) version of FlyQ EFB today that has the same Aircraft settings and ICAO forms that FlyQ Online has.  We expect to release this version to Apple for public release early next week unless beta testers find problems.  The new version also has dramatically improved app stability, especially when using an ADS-B receiver in high-traffic areas and/or with the Stratux receiver.  In the meantime, the current version of FlyQ EFB will continue to use the FAA domestic flight plans from Lockheed or DUATS.

FlyQ Pocket:  A new version of FlyQ Pocket will be released to beta on Monday with all the aircraft and ICAO form changes (and other changes).  However, unlike FlyQ EFB, the shipping version of FlyQ Pocket for both iOS and Android will now file ICAO flight plans rather than FAA Domestic plans.  How?  It will file ICAO plans using whatever aircraft information it has available.  In other words, if you just use FlyQ Pocket, you’ll get an ICAO plan but with no way to add ADS-B information or any other equipment information so the effect will be the same as an old domestic plan.  However, if you use FlyQ Online to add ADS-B info and such to your aircraft profiles, your FlyQ Pocket flight plans will contain the added ADS-B and other info.  Got that??

Voyager:  We’re still working on modifying Voyager for ICAO flight plans but, like the shipping version of FlyQ EFB, the current app will still file FAA domestic plans so you should be fine.  We might also suggest that this is a great opportunity to try FlyQ Online today for your flight planning.


6 thoughts on “ICAO Flight Planning Now Available!

  1. I tried entering an ICAO plan as though it were an DC SFRA departure clearance from KHEF to FLUKY at 2300′. Currently that’s entered as IFR with 023/VFR in the altitude block. The Firefox system bogged down saying the browser was being slowed by the site (continuous searching).

    Hope your planning on SFRA clearances under ICAO.


    • Hi Michael. I’ll review the ICAO specs but I don’t believe I’ve seen that fields in the ICAO plans. Possibly try adding an OPR/ value to the Other Info field (Block 18). Or just add a misc. remark w/ RMK/


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