Current Temps and 7 Day Forecast

Some of you may have noticed that FlyQ’s usual current temps and seven day forecast were offline for a few days that happen to coincide with a new FlyQ EFB release.  It’s back online now but it had nothing to do with the new FlyQ EFB release nor with anything we did wrong.  In case you’re curious…

As it happens, we get that data from the National Weather Service.  When we first noticed the problem with the temps and forecast, we tested the NWS system and indeed found that their system wasn’t working properly.   From doing this for years, we know that their system periodically goes offline for a day or two so we didn’t think much about it.

But today we looked into it further as it’s seldom offline this long.  We found that the service was operational but appeared down but because they apparently changed something about how a developer should access it.  We made some changes to our servers to match their changes and all is well again.


7 thoughts on “Current Temps and 7 Day Forecast

  1. Thank you for always giving updates…. your service is wonderful?


    > John Manganaro

    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District Staff Officer – Aviation Flotilla 140-01-10 Guardians of the Pacific Honolulu, HI 832-646-4157



  2. I was wondering. Thanks for the heads-up. Too bad that the NWS whom runs off of our taxes cannot communicate effectively. Typical government entity.


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