Sun ‘n Fun: Booth C22, 3 Presentations

Sun ‘n Fun is now upon is!  Seattle Avionics is in Booth C22 and our first (of three) presentations is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 AM.  And the first public demonstration of our Secret Project will be during the Thursday presentation (1 PM).  If you’re in Lakeland, come and see us!


Date/Time Topic Room
April 5
9:00 AM
Understanding the ICAO Flight Plan Form CFAA-10
April 6
1:00 PM
Emerging Aviation Technologies – Including Secret Project CFAA-11
April 7
9:00 AM
Advanced FlyQ EFB CFAA-7
All the talks are in the CFAA (Central Florida Aerospace Academy) building a little away from the rest of Sun ‘n Fun. Leave some time to walk there as it’s a bit of a hike.
Understanding the ICAO Flight Plan Form

Pilots are used to the FAA Flight Plan Form. It works fine and it’s easy. But it’s also going away, being replaced by the ICAO Flight Plan Form, an international standard. Unfortunately, the ICAO form was designed with international commercial aviation in mind so has equipment categories and options that will make your head spin. Luckily, unless you fly Boeing 757, you’ll never need to know what ADS-C with FANS 1/A Capabilities means. In this seminar, we’ll cover what you need to know and what you need to ignore.

Wednesday, April 5. 9:00 AM. CFAA building, Room 10.

Emerging Aviation Technologies & Demo of Secret Project
There is a lot of new tech coming along in aviation; ADS-B is just the beginning. We’ll explore 3D synthetic vision, drones, NexGen Airspace, augmented reality, voice recognition, machine learning, and more.

Oh .. and Steve Podradchik will demonstrate the Secret Project.

Thursday, April 6. 1:00 PM. CFAA building, Room 11.

Advanced FlyQ EFB
FlyQ EFB has emerged as one of the most popular iPad apps around, mostly due to its ease of use. But it has a lot of power, too. We’ll peel back the covers on some of its more advanced features and show how it integrates with FlyQ Online (PC and Mac) and FlyQ Pocket.

Friday, April 7. 9:00. CFAA building, Room 7.

15 thoughts on “Sun ‘n Fun: Booth C22, 3 Presentations

  1. The fact that 24h after the unveiling at Sun’n’Fun no information is found whether on this site, YouTube or other news sites is a little disheartening. You either kept the secret too well or it isn’t as newsworthy as it’s made out to be? Bummed that as a long time believer in this app, and lifetime subscriber, I’m left in the dark about this. Especially while the competition implements digital logbook, 3D flight recorder and engine-out-glide-distance-indicator rings….:/


  2. Couldn’t agree more. 24hrs later, I’ve scoured the internet and other then this blog here I can’t find a peep about it. Either they made EVERYONE sign an NDA agreement, or this year long super secret project that requires patents is not all that they made it out to be.


  3. Did anyone attend Thursdays presentation who is willing to ‘spill the beans’ about the ‘secret project’, that is still, apparently, ‘secret’?


    • Hi Roger, sure if you add any inexpensive ADS-B In system like a Stratux (not Status), Dual, iLevil, etc. The 345 will do the ADS-B Out part and the portable ADS-B In system will get the weather and traffic. There is no reason for an ADS-B Out system to talk to the iPad as it just sends data out from the plane.


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