$999 ADS-B In/Out System!

Introducing the new uAvionix EchoUAT!

The echoUAT is a remotely mounted ADS-B transceiver that satisfies the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B rule for experimental aircraft (not certificated).

We have just 5 of these left at our booth at Sun ‘n Fun (C-22)!  We cannot take any orders online so once these are gone, they’re gone.


The EchoUAT incorporates a dual-link (1090 MHz and 978 MHz) receiver and 978 MHz UAT Class B1S transmitter.  EchoUAT features a direct wired communication for use with popular EFIS from Dynon, GRT and MGL Avionics.  An integrated Wi-Fi access point also supports many popular EFB applications, such as FlyQ EFB.

EchoUAT is designed to use the aircraft’s existing altitude encoder and ADS-B compliant GPS position source. The uAvionix SkyFYX GPS can be used in the event your EFIS manufacturer does not supply one.

A zero-install, internal wireless monitor decodes replies from legacy Mode C transponders for maximum retrofit capability.

The Echo UAT is designed to meet the performance requirements of TSO-C154c, and is compliant with FAR 91.227 for operation in the National Airspace System.

5 thoughts on “$999 ADS-B In/Out System!

  1. Is there any way to commit to one if we’re not at the show? Love to commit to it but I’m not there at Sun N Fun.

    David Roe


  2. Hi Steve,

    I hope all is going well for SA at Sun and Fun!

    What is the chance this ADSB In/Out system gets offered for certificated aircraft such as my PA-28-140b?




  3. Hi Harold,

    Thanks for the DAR link. Looks like their links to FAA forms are a valuable resource…….Now back to the hangar to get the plane ready for the administrative paper shower!





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