FlyQ InSight – Flight Test

Amazing view during a flight on Tuesday. This is from a test flight of our forthcoming new app – FlyQ InSight. InSight is the first practical augmented reality app for aviation. Just add an iPhone or iPad and see airports more clearly than ever before!

Core functionality checked out perfectly.  Final tweaks being made now before being released to external beta testers!

Coming back to PAE with Harvey (S43) a little further out. S43 doesn’t have a “stick” because it’s too far away and we want you to focus on the nearby airports. 1WA6 is faded out because it’s even further away than Harvey.  You can adjust the range of airports seen so you can see far away airports if flying in the middle of nowhere and only nearby ones in crowded areas.  You can also filter by type of airports (heliports, seaplane bases, private airports, etc.)
Just south of BVS, looking out the right window of the plane. The Lock button is yellow because it’s a bit less accurate when you look out a side window than out the front (Lock is green when pointed straight out the front).
Tuning over Puget Sound. Notice that the airport markers stay fixed in the right locations even during a turn.
The app also takes a “clean” photo with the same single click that also took the one with the airport markers.

23 thoughts on “FlyQ InSight – Flight Test

  1. My question if you are using FLYQ on your iPad and let’s say it is installed in your RAM mount, will you be able to pull your iPHONE out of your pocket to use this feature to reduce cockpit workload???


  2. Hi Steve,
    Looks great, I was thinking of something similar to when using the synthetic vision, 3D tab. How great it would be for airports etc to show up there.

    Great job


  3. Being a lifetime subscriber first to Voyager and now also Fly Q EFB, I’m not at all surprised that you continue such amazing work and are so responsive to the aviation community. Thank you.


  4. This is very impressive, Steve. I look forward to using it in Archer 74T! A question about the future: How about some “insight” on ADSB traffic, is that in your plans? Also, will the app point out tall towers?


    • Possibly. Not sure yet about Android. But keep in mind that FlyQ InSight is essentially FlyQ Pocket — which IS available for Android — plus the augmented reality engine. So not out of the question. But let us ship the iOS version first 😉


  5. I think it will be a great addition in the cockpit….. Out within the next two weeks… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    How about getting Avidyne to let me use your charts on my IFD…. That would be great also


  6. Doesn’t the “Nearest” tab in FlyQ EFB provide the same airport information? I’m not sure about the usefulness of FlyQ InSight. Maybe I’m missing something …


    • Hi Francis. Did you see the picture? Definitely not something FlyQ EFB currently does. EFB and Pocket have a Nearest tab that gives a list of nearby airports but they certainly don’t use the camera to SHOW you where they are. Different tasks. Plus InSight has a very handy “radar” view that also gives you a good visual on where the airports are from a top-view perspective.


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