Servers Rebooted due to Ransomware Threat

As you may have seen in the news, a massive ransomware attack was launched a few hours ago based on code that hackers stole from the NSA.  Apparently more than 75,000 servers in 99 countries were affected.  We were NOT affected but we did take a preventative action that caused our system to be down for less than 5 minutes.

None of our systems were affected because we keep them updated with recent operating system patches.  However, we did reboot one machine to allow it to finish installing an update.  Normally we wait until very early in the morning to do this but the threat warranted immediate action.  Thus, parts of our system were down for about 3 minutes today at about 1 PM Pacific.

Again — our systems were not hacked, no damage was done, and no information stolen; we just wanted to let you know that we did a very quick reboot of one system to prevent a problem so you may have had some issues with our system for a very brief time.

8 thoughts on “Servers Rebooted due to Ransomware Threat

  1. Steve & team…so glad you guys weren’t struck by the ransomware. So many were …including hospitals & other healthcare facilities. So sad…


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