Bike and Fly to Work Friday = 20% Discount

As some of you may have noticed, two of my passions are flying and cycling as both give you a great feeling of freedom and seeing nature in action.  In Washington and most other states, tomorrow (Friday, May 19) is Bike to Work Day (or Bike Everywhere Day in WA).  I’m not aware of any official Fly to Work Day but there should be one so how about making tomorrow Bike or Fly to Work Day?

I’m cycling to work tomorrow and also plan to fly (final pre-beta test for FlyQ InSight).  If you join me in taking your bike to work or flying to work tomorrow, email us a picture of you and your plane or bike in action and we’ll give you a 20% discount on a 12 month FlyQ EFB subscription!  Offer valid just for May 19.

On the way to work – had to stop and take a picture of the planes at Kenmore Air.  Beautiful view from the ground today.  Later today, will trade the bike for a plane and take some more pictures of this amazing day from the air.

5 thoughts on “Bike and Fly to Work Friday = 20% Discount

  1. Too late flew it to work yesterday and thank goodness I had the Fly-Q loaded in my Mini-Pad. When I arrived at my destination, it had become IFR requiring an IFR approach to a runway I haven’t used before. As I requested and started loading the approach, I noticed what was coming up on the 430 wasn’t matching my plate from last paper update (just expired). Appears it had just been changed except for one of the IAFs and the FAF, which gave me some concern as I brought the current one up on the Mini.

    Turned out the altitudes had changed as well and enjoyed having the current plate at my fingertips and aircraft overlay. Looks like I will put the next couple years of subscription to good use…


    • I’m sorry you had a problem, Chuck, but I’m glad FlyQ and the iPad could help. The fact is, it’s not uncommon for people to have an iPad that is more up-to-date than certified equipment because it’s simply easier, faster, and cheaper. Perhaps with some of the FAA’s new open attitude to new tech, things can be changed to make this easier.


  2. Fantastic, idea. I can take a Passenger on my Plane or Helicopter or I can use a 2-4 people bike and they can enjoy as well as take credit for Fly and Ride to work Day, California FRANK.


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