Happy 4th!

Everyone at Seattle Avionics wants to wish you a very happy 4th of July!

As you know, the holiday is not about hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks but  celebrates the freedom that Americans enjoy.  As a purely personal note, in today’s challenging political climate, I hope everyone considers what real freedom means and how important it is.  That means all the rights established in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — most notably the 1st Amendment that ensures the freedom of speech and the 2nd Amendment that enshrines the right to bear arms.  These two freedoms are really two sides of the same coin.  The freedom of speech (which also means freedom to peacefully protest and a free and uninhibited press) uniquely allows checks on the power of government and enables the criticism of it, without which we are no better than a 3rd world dictatorship.  The 2nd amendment is also meant as a way to resist oppression and to ensure that the 1st Amendment remains strong and relevant in all conditions.  This powerful combination of rights is unique to the US and we should be grateful for them and ensure they always continue to be respected.

– Steve

17 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. Very happy to see that you understand that the 2nd Amendment ain’t about duck hunting.
    Best to all on this 4th, when we need to remember the reasons our forefathers started this country in the first place, and be thankful to those, in and out of uniform, who help to protect what’s left of our freedoms.

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  2. The 4th of July is not a celebration of the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights.
    It is a marker for the Declaration of Independence, which is an entirely different document.

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    • Absolutely true, but freedom is the whole reason for the country’s existence, and the Constitution is supposed to be the guarantor of that freedom.
      Steve’s points are also absolutely right.
      Wish more folks understood and appreciated them.

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