FlyQ InSight Released. Augmented Reality is now a reality.

It’s here and ready to install to your iPhone and iPad!

FlyQ InSight is the new, absolutely amazing augmented reality aviation app for the iPhone and iPad. Using just the camera in your device, it magically overlays live video with markers showing the position and distance of nearby airports! Never have trouble finding airports again, even in poor weather or night flying!  Watch the video or read more about it.  Or just download it now.  And it’s 100% free!

If you already have FlyQ Pocket on your iPhone or iPad, simply open the App Store on your device and go to the Updates tab.  You’ll see an entry for either FlyQ Pocket or FlyQ InSight.  Click Update.  Yes, FlyQ InSight is the new name for FlyQ Pocket so it includes all the same features as in FlyQ Pocket – detailed airport info, weather, fuel prices, airport diagrams, flight planning, etc.

If you don’t have FlyQ Pocket, go to the App Store on either an iPhone or iPad (or both) and search for FlyQ InSight.  Or click here if you’re on an iPad or iPhone.

13 thoughts on “FlyQ InSight Released. Augmented Reality is now a reality.

  1. In local testing, I’m actually not seeing my home airport (69N, Slatington) on the display, although several others. 69N is listed as the nearest airport in the list. Is there a reason why an airport might not appear?


  2. Mark and I tried the new app this morning over NE Georgia. It worked great identifying airports in both the mountains and in metro Atlanta. I will send pics!


    • Awesome! Please definitely do. We’re actually going to set up a Facebook page or something for them. You know you can snap the photos from within the app with the round “shutter” button then use the Photos tab to view and share. One click to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. or email or text message.


  3. Hi Steve, had the opportunity to try out the new app on our way back to DC from Madison. Worked like a charm, was very intuitive to use, did not watch the video until back in VA. Great to see the location of the airport and have the ability to do a quick check of the facility all within a single app. Keep up the good work!


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