4 thoughts on “iOS 11 Approved

  1. Steve,

    Finally came into the 2nd decade of the 21st Century, with an iPhone 6S. Loaded up FlyQ Insight. Saw the debut announcement & presentation at Sun-n-Fun, though okay, ya that’s nice. Saw you again at Oshkosh. Used Insight for the first time in flight this past Saturday, in hot and hazy Huntsville (vis 6-7sm). You were right. Its AWESOME! All the airports on the screen in the right locations before you could see them thru the haze. Great Job!!! Performance of that APP astounded my commercial student! Unfortunately, he’s using an Android communicator…. So, umm, what’s next??


    • Thanks for the kind words, Rob. We think it’s pretty amazing, too. What’s next — well, another major FlyQ EFB release fairly soon with some probably expected and also unexpected new features. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone 😉


  2. Is there a way to configure FlyQ so that aircraft profiles are are available offline? I cannot change aircraft for planning flight unless hooked up to internet which is quite an inconvenience.

    David DeWald

    Sent from my iPad



    • Hi David. The A/C profiles are available offline, they’d have to be for the app to be useful, you simply cannot modify them w/o the Internet to ensure that they stay in synch. You can edit a flight plan, w/o the Internet, to switch from one plane to another, just not modify the performance characteristics of the plane.


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