FlyQ EFB 3.0 and FlyQ Online 1.0 Demos

Earlier this week we announced and demoed Fly EFB 3.0 and FlyQ Online 1.0 (our web-based planner for PC and Mac).  They are both MASSIVE updates, filled to the brim with powerful but easy to use features.  In case you missed the live presentations, here are the recorded (or, in one case, re-recorded) versions.  In addition to the full versions, we also made key features available as individual videos in case time is limited.

Full Presentations

Individual Features


FlyQ Online should be available next week.  FlyQ EFB is currently in external beta testing.

Black Friday Specials – $199 Merlin ADS-B, $299 FlyQ Lifetime, and More…

In case you missed our emails, here are our insanely good Black Friday deals.  Buy any of them by clicking to

Product Usual Price Black Friday Price
Lifetime FlyQ EFB
$899 $399
Lifetime FlyQ EFB
$449 $299
Merlin ADS-B
Dual Channel, WAAS GPS, AHRS, Battery, Pilot’s Guide
$249 $199
Lifetime Dynon
$599 $349
Lifetime ChartData ONE
Includes most SA ChartData products)
$2,999 $749
Lifetime Aspen
$1,499 $649
Lifetime Bendix-King KSN 770
$1,499 $649
Lifetime GRT
$899 $499
Lifetime GRT
$599 $299
Lifetime AFS
$599 $349


Dear fellow pilot,
If you logged into the Tuesday night webinar, you saw a number of technical glitches that were embarrassing, to say the least, and made it impossible to see many of the great new features in FlyQ EFB 3.0. As both presenter and CEO, I take full responsibility for the problems and deeply regret wasting your time.
Overnight, we recorded the presentation that you should have seen and put it on YouTube. We also split the full video into several small chunks on specific topics. I hope you have some time to review these videos as, while not perfect either, they better represent the dedication and hard work of the people who work at Seattle Avionics.
Links to the new videos:
Once again, please accept my deepest apologies for last night.
Everyone at Seattle Avionics sincerely wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.
Steve Podradchik

FlyQ EFB 3.0 Announcement and Demo TODAY

At 4pm Pacific today, we’ll be formally announcing FlyQ EFB 3.0 and demonstrating it.  As the version number may imply, this is no minor release; rather, it’s the largest update we’ve ever done and includes the single most requested feature, a new feature that doesn’t exist in any EFB app, and a feature you’re going to love (esp. student pilots and flight instructors).  And .. during the demo, all attendees will be given the magic decoder ring to get our Black Friday specials before anyone else so sign up now!


Recording of the FlyQ Online Webinar Available

We had an incredible turnout today to the FlyQ Online presentation — by far, the largest online presentation of my life.  In my personal, totally unbiased opinion, I think it went very well and folks especially liked the new “4 Dimensional” weather with a timeline and altitude slider and the variety of export options including ForeFlight, Garmin, Dynon, and more.  But don’t take my word for it, watch the video!

Live Product Announcement at 4 PM Pacific Today

The Dev and Marketing teams at Seattle Avionics didn’t get a lot of sleep over the weekend because, in a few hours, we’ll be announcing two MAJOR new releases this week.

At 4pm Pacific today, we’re announcing the official release/demo of FlyQ Online, our web-based planner for PC and Mac.  Still time to join 1,000 other people who have already signed up!

Having just finished the dry-run of the presentation — OMG (as my daughter would say).  This is so far beyond the current version and beyond any competing planning app that OMG is just all I can say.  Prepare to be impressed.

Tomorrow, at 4pm, is the announcement and demo for FlyQ EFB version 3.0.  The feedback from the beta testers has been, to say the least, amazing.  “Home run!” was a phrase one used and others used similar sentiments – and they’ve only seen one of the new features!  Not only does it include the single-most commonly requested new feature, it includes a feature not found in any other EFB app in the world.  So, join me and (so far) 1,500 people for the live announcement.

To say that the dev team added scores of new features compared to the public beta you see now would be like saying that the World Series isn’t much different than a Little League game.  The new weather features, in particular, are WAY BEYOND anything on the market now.  Prepare to be amazed.

See you tonight,


Join us! Introducing FlyQ EFB 3.0 and FlyQ Online 1.0

Next week, we’re introducing two massive updates to our flagship apps — FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Online.  Rather than just send out emails, we’re doing our first-ever live product launches!  I’m the host and and you’re cordially invited!  Just click to sign-up for one or both.  And be sure to tell you friends, especially those who still use one of those off-brand apps 😉

FlyQ Online.  Monday, Nov. 20th at 4 PM Pacific.  Click to sign up now.
Fly Online is about to become the most powerful flight planning system available.  Many of the new features pioneer never-seen, innovative ways of looking at aviation weather.

FlyQ EFB 3.0.  Tuesday, Nov 21st at 4 PM Pacific.  Click to sign up now.
FlyQ EFB 3.0 is the largest, most significant upgrade we’ve ever released.  Be the first to learn why.

As a special bonus, attendees will also be the first to be notified about our amazing Black Friday specials.  Each year, we do something even more incredible than the previous year.  This year, we’re putting something on sale that has never, ever been discounted.

See you soon,