FlyQ Online 1.0.1 – Much Faster Map Performance

Just two days after the massive release of FlyQ Online 1.0, version 1.0.1 is now available.  In addition to a few minor bug fixes, this release sports VASTLY faster map performance.  If you used version 1.0, you’ll see a dramatic increase in moving or zooming the map and changing which layers are active.

As the system is web based, there is nothing to download or update; clicking to the link above from your PC or Mac automatically uses the faster version.

Have a great weekend!



8 thoughts on “FlyQ Online 1.0.1 – Much Faster Map Performance

  1. FlyQ Online working great – Thanks! Now, what’s the release status/outlook for FlyQ EFB v3.0?…it’s way past Christmas 😎🎁


  2. Hey STEVE,

    Hope you had a great Holiday!

    Say, I was wondering if there is going to be any bad joo joo, from Apple’s anouncement of their upcoming patches for their flawed chip/ processor?

    Thanks for all your hard work!


    • Thanks for the kind words, Robert. To you, too. No, my understanding is the CURRENT iOS release has already corrected (or “mitigated” anyway) one of the the security issues and the other, specific to web browsers, will come in a few days and I don’t think relevant to aviation apps like FlyQ. Ditto w/ the MacOS, btw. See: Of course, it’s also important to understand that this is not Apple specific but a fallout of a way that CPUs have been architected by all major makers for years (decades?). It’s also extremely hard to exploit, esp. in a fairly locked-down system like iOS.


  3. steve-

    where is the long promised iphone version of the efb? the stated realization of that goa in your promotional materials was a major impetus for the purchase of flyq efb….but so far it remains ipad only…not as promised.



  4. I wouldn’t say “long promised”, Bruce, as it was first publicly mentioned at the end of November but I get the point. it has been available to beta testers since before that (October) and we expect a more-or-less final beta by the end of this week with a goal of shipping by the end of next week. Please keep in mind that getting any real work done in December is hard given holidays and vacations. Similarly, we also promised and demoed a vastly improved version of FlyQ Online at the same time and that app was released about a week ago.

    I know that when I was asked, I’d always answer that we were hoping for late December but that the aforementioned “holiday” issue could push it January. And that seems consistent with what will happen.

    Hope that clears it up and sorry for any confusion.

    Thanks, Steve


  5. Hi Steve,
    I’m having a heck of a time getting Fly Q Online to load properly. The scale is hugely magnified and there seems to be no help for reducing it down to size. Strangely, it’s only a problem on the iMac, running fine on MacBook Pro. Using High Sierra on a 27 in. iMac. Any suggestions welcome.

    Love the product, btw. I’m a lifetime subscriber to FlyQ EFB and can’t wait for 3.0!



    • Hi Hank. Thanks for the kind words. The screenshot in the notice about FlyQ Online 1.0 was done on a Mac using Safari. Should look like that. Check that it’s not magnified by Safari with the View menu in Safari. Or just press Command 0 (zero).


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