Gov Weather Service Offline Again

Update 12:00 PM Pacific.  The National Weather Service seems back up.  All clear.  While it was down, we modified some of our code to automatically switch to a backup server should it go down again (the switch was added after the last NWS outage but required some manual intervention).  We also took the opportunity to migrate some weather processing systems to newer versions of various libraries to increase our systems reliability.  We’re very sorry for the issue.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 10.59.56 AM

Heads up that the METAR, TAF, etc. data from (the US National Weather Service) is not functioning properly.  Their web site is running but has little or no data.  This will affect the METARs, TAFS, Winds Aloft, PIREPS, AIRMET/SIGMET data that all FlyQ apps use when connected to the Internet.  Radar and Satellite layers appear to be functioning properly as they do not come from

Unclear if ADS-B weather, which is derived from the same base data, is affected or not.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.  And thanks Paul 😉

2 thoughts on “Gov Weather Service Offline Again

    • They may not get weather from the NWS.; we prefer to get it from the original source. And, to be fair to the NWS, this has happened something like twice in recent memory so they generally seem to have a reliable system. They may be migrating their systems for newer security protocols (lots of people are doing that right now). We’re definitely looking for alternatives now. That said, the NWS does have a backup system that our code should have switched to automatically but didn’t because the failure mode was different than the last time it happened (hence some manual intervention needed). We expanded the way we check for NWS failure to better adapt in the future in terms of automatic failover.


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