Infrastructure Upgrades

UPDATE: 4/2/18 02:15 AM Pacific:  Upgrades complete.  All systems online.

UPDATE: 4/1/18 10:00 PM Pacific:  Upgrades started.  All systems offline.

UPDATE 3/31/18: Based on today’s dry-run, we expect the system to be down for 4 hours on Sunday (that is, from 10 PM Pacific to 2 AM Pacific).

Seattle Avionics has been in business for nearly 15 years.  During that time, we’ve continually upgraded many of our systems but two remained running on older hardware and software because they were so difficult to move.  One of these was migrated on Thursday and we anticipate the final step in moving the other this Sunday night.  The entire system will be down for several hours late Sunday night for the change.  We’ll try to provide a better time estimate on Sunday but all should be up and running in time for Monday morning flights.

  1.  Web Server.  SA uses several different server systems, most running on redundant, fault-tolerate clusters.  But one remained on an old system.  On Thursday night (a week after we released data for this cycle), we upgraded our main web server to a new system on a much larger, more reliable provider.  It seemed to generally go smoothly but, for reasons what we have not been able to identify, some customers were having trouble connecting to our web site ( or were getting connection-related errors in FlyQ or the ChartData Manager application.  The new system seems to be generally working well now and, based on support emails and calls, we don’t think too many people were affected but apologize to those who were.   If you’re having a connection issue, please try rebooting your PC or iPad/iPhone.  If that still doesn’t work, please email
  2. Database System.  We rely on a database for customer info, flight plan storage, and much more.  Over the years as our business has grown, the database server, run by a 3rd party, has become less reliable so we’ve been working to migrate it to a new, more robust system.  We’ve been doing this in stages and think we’re ready for the final step.  To do this, however, we need to completely shut down all our systems to ensure data consistency between the old and the new systems.  During this time, FlyQ EFB and FlyQ InSight will continue to function for inflight use but will not be able to plan flights on the server, get updated weather, etc.  FlyQ Online and the ChartData Manager will be completely shut down.  Voyager should be mostly functional.  We plan to begin this at 10 PM Pacific Sunday night.  It will take several hours but should be done before morning on the East Coast.  We’ll provide a better estimate on Sunday and give updates as required during the transition.We hope that none of this will affect you but apologize in advance if it does.  It will definitely lead to a faster, more reliable system but there may be some unanticipated issues 175547during the transition.


10 thoughts on “Infrastructure Upgrades

  1. I sent u a msg couple weeks ago stating my Dynon update failed to update airport diagrams and approach plates. But showed a green circle by each with a Jan 2018 date.
    I didn’t try to download to a stick.
    Jon Addison


  2. Thank you Steve for the heads up. I pray all goes well and that you and your family have a blessed Easter weekend. I thank God for the freedoms we have in this country especially the freedom to fly almost anywhere we want almost anytime we want.


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