Sun ‘n Fun!

Sun ‘n Fun is almost upon us – in fact some of our team is already there (did they leave town early to get away from the Seattle rain?).  Festivities begin this Tuesday in Lakeland, FL.
  • See us at Sun ‘n Fun in booth C22.
  • Attend one of our four seminars during the show.
  • Get show-only special deals on the Merlin ADS-B, new FlyQ EFB version 3.0, and all our products!

Sun ‘n Fun

Come see us in Booth C-022 (Hangar C) to learn about all our products, take advantage of our great show-only specials, or just meet the team.  We’ll also be giving several seminars during the week that cover topics near and dear to our hearts.  The Friday one, Using Augmented Reality in the Cockpit, was recently presented at another show to a standing room only crowd.  Rooms are expected to be packed for all four seminars so come early!

Seminar Schedule

April 10

1:00 PM

Combining Online Flight Planning with iPad Apps CFAA-1
April 11

12:00 PM

Intro to FlyQ EFB CFAA-4
April 12

12:00 PM

Advanced FlyQ EFB CFAA-4
April 13
12:00 PM
Using Augmented Reality in the Cockpit
All the talks are in the CFAA (Central Florida Aerospace Academy) building a little away from the rest of Sun ‘n Fun.  Leave some time to walk there as it’s a bit of a hike.
CFAA Building Location

Combining Online Flight Planning with iPad Apps

FlyQ is a family of products, not a single product. This special presentation shows using the web browser-based FlyQ Online on your PC or Mac to create a plan that avoids bad weather and minimizes fuel cost then use FlyQ EFB 3.0 to execute the flight.  Also discusses using other online planners and shows using FlyQ Online to export flight plans to ForeFlight and Garmin devices.
Tuesday, April 10.  1:00 PM.  CFAA building, Room 1.

Intro to FlyQ EFB

FlyQ EFB is the highest-rated major aviation app because it’s so easy to use.  Our exclusive “Rule of 2” design philosophy means that all major functions are no more than 2 touches away so you fly the plane, not the iPad.  This presentation covers all the major features so you can download a free trial and get flying immediately!  Also covers new features added in FlyQ EFB 3.0 such as new iPhone support, Augmented Reality, and the Flight Data Recorder.
Wednesday, April 11.  12:00 PM.  CFAA building, Room 4.

Advanced FlyQ EFB

FlyQ EFB has emerged as one of the most popular iPad apps around, mostly due to its ease of use.  But it has a lot of power, too.  We’ll peel back the covers on some of its more advanced features and show how it integrates with FlyQ Online (PC and Mac).
Thursday, April 12.  12:00 PM.  CFAA building, Room 4.

Using Augmented Reality in the Cockpit

Put that camera in your iPad and iPhone to good use. With FlyQ EFB’s new Augmented Reality (AR) feature, the app blends live video from your phone or iPad with computer generated airport markers. Now you’ll literally see the airports not just guess where they are. See why Robert Goyer (Plane and Pilot) and Dave Hirschman (AOPA Pilot) are raving about it.
Friday, April 13.  12:00 PM.  CFAA building, Room 1.

6 thoughts on “Sun ‘n Fun!

  1. Steve, please video tape these seminars. I’ll be able to attend the first one but must leave SNF on Wednesday afternoon.

    Thanks for the heads up! Bob

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Enhancements I would like to see..
    1. in ADSB…would like to see the identifier of the AC..(e.g., CAP3014) with the altitude/direction indicator
    2. in the FlyQ Pocket…please change the color of the 3 letter airport identifier (e.g.,TCS) in the TAF when it is a nearby TAF not the actual site from a very dark blue against a black background to something like yellow. Can’t read the dark blue against black. E.g., TAF for KONM is TCS., but TCS is in dark blue/purple. Thanks and appreciate


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